Need Help Fixing Your Ceiling Fan?


A shaky, wobbly ceiling fan isn’t good by any means. Not only does it make obnoxious noises, but it also poses a threat, as it could come loose, fall and hurt unsuspecting family members beneath it or damage property. Not to mention the fact leaving the problem alone could potentially create other, worse problems with the fan, such as damaged wires.

Though most times professionals should repair ceiling fans, thankfully you can always fix ceiling fans yourself if the problem is only minor. These minor wobbling issues can be caused by several factors, including: bent blade brackets, loose screws, or dusty or warped fan blades. Here’s a few handy little steps to help fix ceiling fans!Before you fix ceiling fans, you first want to determine the cause of the wobbliness by checking each of these problems.

Start to fix ceiling fans by tightening any loose screws on the fan. Then confirm that the hanger ball is firmly seated in the mounting bracket, that the outlet box is ceiling fan-rated and designed to support the fan’s weight, and that the it’s securely attached to a beam or a support brace. If the outlet box is installed right into the ceiling, that could be the cause of the wobbling, and may actually result in some damage to the ceiling as well.

If wobbling persists, check to make sure that none of the blades are warped. If you discover that they are, in fact, distorted, you can try to fix ceiling fan blades by carefully bending them back to their original shape. Although, it may just be easier to go out and buy replacement blades at a local hardware store to fix ceiling fans.

Should none of these methods to fix ceiling fans work, you have one last option before calling in the pros. There are balancing kits available. These have weights and clips that will help solve the wobble problem.

Should none of these work, then there are many professionals capable of ceiling fans repair who will charge a nominal fee for the fan repair. You can save some time and hassle by calling them first, and possible some injury considering that electric wiring may become involved with the ceiling fan repair process. After all, sometimes replacing a fan’s bulb might not fix the broken lights, which indicates that the wires have expanded and contracted from the heat generated by the electricity.

If you have any questions on how to fix ceiling fans, feel free to ask in the comments! For more about this, go here.

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