Most Likely Pests To Re-infest Your Home

Pest control

Most of America has had to battle some type of pest at one time or another, more often than not, over and over again. You can call a service but without due diligence, the chances of re-infestation are high, unless you take preventative measures. There is a list a mile long of potential pests that inhabit our homes and yards but here is a list of the most frequent reoccurring pests and how to safeguard your home against them so you can avoid frequent calls to pest and weed control services.

  • Bedbugs: Anyone who has ever battled these creatures knows what a formidable foe they are, bed bugs grow and reproduce at an alarming rate, a female bedbug can lay more than 200 eggs in its lifetime, which is 10-12 months on average. Because of their rate of reproduction and uncanny ability to hide in the smallest crack or crevice, they are hard to get rid of and cause a high risk of re-infestation.

  • There are many ways to get bed bugs but one of the most common causes of bed bug infestation is coming into contact with infested areas, they can stow away in your suitcases or pretty much anywhere without notice. When staying overnight in hotels, or anywhere outside of your home, you always want to check in behind headboards, in between box springs, and pull the sheets back to check for tiny spots of blood on the mattresses. If you do happen to notice bed bugs in your home it is generally recommended that you call an exterminator pronto because the longer you wait the worse it gets.

  • Rats: Rats are disgusting creatures and can cause a multitude of serious diseases as well as cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Rats are not only a health hazard but a fire hazard as well, about 25% of fires can be attributed to rodents chewing through electrical wiring. Since rats also have a very high reproduction rate they can grow out of control very quickly and should be dealt with swiftly.

  • A few ways to help keep these critters out of your home is to seal any openings, avoid leaving out bird feeders or pet food, and properly dispose of garbage and clutter.

  • Weeds: Believe it or not, weeds are one of the main pests homeowners struggle with every single year and usually end up contacting weed control services to get a handle on the problem. Not only to they spread easily, but weeds provide ample cover for other pests such as rats and fleas as well.

  • Once weeds are gotten rid of, whether you took care of it yourself or had your pick of weed control services, the best way to stop them from coming back is to pick up an herbicide. After mowing about three or four times you should apply pre-emergence herbicides as a general rule, this helps control weeds by preventing seed germination.

Homeowners who have already been through the process of removing such creatures knows how expensive it can be and would likely do anything to avoid another confrontation. Do yourself a favor take initiative and utilize prevention methods to protect your home, health, and peace of mind.

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