Mold and Water Problems Top the List of Many

It seems kind of weird to be mailing a check for summer golf league on the coldest day of the winter and it seems kind of strange to be reading about fire fighters battling a blaze when they can hardly keep their hoses from freezing. The fact of the matter is, however, this is how your day started.

The temperatures plummeted to five below zero last night and the wind chills have dropped to 16 below. As he headed out to work, your husband actually asked for a check, a rather strange request in itself. He needed to mail in some money to reserve his spot on the church’s summer golf league. He himself was chuckling at the absurdity of it. For your part, you were reading the morning paper’s front page story recapping a difficult business fire that local fire fighters were battling late last night. The fire fighting efforts were made worse by the extremely cold temperatures turning the area around the house into a sheet of ice and the winds were fanning the flames.

The local rescue workers were glad that no lives were lost, but the city officials were explaining how much of the area was going to blocked off and out of service. Several neighboring businesses were damaged by the fire, water, and ice and this seems to be the strangest contradiction of all.

No Time Is a Good Time for a Fire

Although fire fighters face a while host of problems when they are battling a blaze on the coldest days of winter, there are also big problems for property owners when a fire occurs on much warmer days of the year. The truth Is when most people think about fire damage restoration they often think of cleaning up the mess caused by the flames themselves and searching for anything that may have been spared. If, however, you have ever had a house or business fire then you likely know that the biggest part of the fire damage restoration process is dealing with he damage caused by the water. That water, of course, can quickly turn to mold in many parts of the country and in many times of the year. In fact, mold can develop and spread in as little as 48 hours and most experts, including the EPA, recommend calling in mold removal professionals if mold covers an area larger than three feet by three feet.

In the event of a house fire loss of life is the greatest damage, but once many property owners have time to evaluate a situation that they were lucky to escape from, mold removal services step in and begin to offer both services and advice. Beyond house fires, there are also needs for other services to make sure that properties are restored to their original purpose.

For instance, trauma cleaning specialists offer their expertise when it comes to both crime scene and bio hazard spills. These teams, somewhat similar to fire damage restoration services, have a variety of specific methods that they use. From the removal of blood and the decontamination of a large area, there are many times when professionals are needed.

One of the most recent examples of what could easily be called a trauma scene clean up will be occurring when the first rounds of Coronavirus victims are released back into the general public. The places where they were quarantined will need to be carefully restored. Just as fire soot residue needs to be specially dealt with by fire damage restoration teams, the entire spaces where these Coronavirus potential patients were housed will need to be cleaned meticulously.

Water damage restoration is also an important process after flooding. In a time when many of the parts of this country are seeing extreme weather conditions, it should come as no surprise that there are places who are dealing with flooding like they have never seen before. When waters rise to new highs, residential and commercial property owners are challenged to find solutions to many kinds of problems. From restoring an entire home to trying to rescue family photos, the water restoration process is both extensive and expensive.

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