Is it Time to Redo Your Home? Tips for Roofs and Siding in 2016

Siding options

Is it time to redo your home? Whether you’re trying to improve your home’s energy efficiency, ROI, or both, there?s many different ways you can choose to upgrade your home. Not only will this be a good move for your investment, but it can also help you to reduce your energy bills in the meantime. Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your roof or your sidings, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Are you interested in upgrading your home in 2016?

What Roofing Contractors Can Do for You

The majority of homeowners (88%) are most interested in durability when it comes to deciding which new roof is right for them, and you’re likely going to be in the same boat. It?s worth keeping in mind that it makes more sense to redo your roof than simply tacking shingles on top of shingles, which will only give you a few extra years of longevity.

The right type of roof for you (and that will be the most durable) depends on your local conditions. Asphalt shingles, for example, shouldn’t be installed on roof slopes under 2:12. Roofs from 20 plus years ago were not made as strong as roofs today, making them more likely to succumb to high winds and snow, etc.

Could Metal Roofs Work?

Most people assume that asphalt shingle roofs will be the way to go for their roofing needs. However, metal roofs are worth considering as a viable option. Metal is popular because it can last three to 20 times as long as an asphalt roof. Part of this is because metal is incredibly durable, especially in cold weather recycling. It can even reflect more heat away from the home in the summertime than asphalt can. Although these roofs may cost more in the shortterm, they?re often more affordable in terms of longterm costs.

New Siding for Your Home

Insulated siding is becoming popular in recent years; this is home siding that, as part of the application process, includes rigid foam insulation. A better insulated wall helps to reduce energy transfer. According to homeowners who have used it, insulated siding can also serve as a useful noise barrier as well for people living in neighborhoods where there is more traffic.

In short: it’s worth your time to do research, because there are a lot of options out there whether you’re looking for roofing options or siding replacements.


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