Introducing Casa Di Fori Cape Coral

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Casa di Fiori Cape Coral is an Italian gated condo community whose name means “house of flowers.” Located in the busy Pine Island Corridor, right off of Hancock Creek South Boulevard, this community has immediate availabily. So, if you’re interested in a restart of the Island Pines development, then Casa di Fiori Cape Coral might be of interest to you.

The Island Pines development was unfortunately foreclosed upon in 2007. It was started by a developer by the name of Pasquale Franchi who resides in Boston, Massachusetts. In November, 2011 Pasquale Franchi purchased Casa di Fiori Cape Coral for $5.2 million. Once he finally finishes building Casa di Fiori Cape Coral it will be a 30 acre development with a total of 296 units, each of which will be a two story low rise building.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a unit at Casa di fiori cape coral will avail themselves to 1,356 square feet of space. This includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 1 car garage. There are also some great amenities that those within he Casa di Fiori Cape Coral community will be able to share with one another. These amenities include a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, tennis court and playground.

All of this may sound great to you but the deal is about to get even better. This is because the developer is offering financing plans to anyone who’s able to make a 10% down payment. Many people like this, especially those who have bad credit but want to own a home anyway.

Anyone who is interested in owning a home at Casa di Fiori Cape Coral will want to check out the 26 units that are currently available. They range in price from $114,900 to $140,625. You can check out the floor plan, view active listings and learn more about the community at the Casa di Fiori Cape Coral web site.

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