Intro to Buying and Building a Shelby Cobra Kit Car

For many sports car enthusiasts, the Shelby Cobra is a car aspired for, but often unaffordable. However, thanks to the advent of the kit car, owning a Shelby Cobra is much more likely than ever before.

To purchase a real Shelby Cobra you’re looking at upwards of 7 figures. Yet, if you purchase a Shelby Cobra Kit car you can build one for a low as $20,000.

When buying a kit car you need to think about what you want.

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Do you want a Shelby Car that looks exactly like the real thing? Or, do you want one that just looks sort of like a Cobra, giving you the feel of driving one?

There are a lot of factors to think about when you buy a Cobra kit. From the type of wheels to the motor, these are all important things to think about.

Next, do you want to buy a Shelby Cobra Kit car that you are going to build yourself? Or, do you want to pay someone else to put it together? Also, do you want a car that is brand new or used? These are some more imperative questions you need to ask yourself about what you want and can afford.

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