How to Turn Your Car Garage into a Repair Garage

garage home improvement ideas

If you’re a homeowner with your own garage, you’re probably wondering how to turn it into your very own mechanic shop! Luckily, it’s fairly easy to convert your garage into a repair garage to repair anything from cars, bikes, motorcycles, even furniture. With these garage home improvement ideas, you can have your very own repair shop and save on labor costs in the future.

1. Insert Shelving

Before you begin turning your garage into your very own mechanic shop, one of the best garage home improvement ideas is to install simple shelving! Shelving is a great way to have some extra storage space, add a bit of character to your garage, and most importantly be able to have things within reach. Some things you can put on your shelving include oil jugs, smaller boxes to store small screws, bolts, and parts, fire extinguishers, and more.

2. Remove Unnecessary Storage

Speaking of extra storage space, it’s incredibly important to remove any unnecessary items from your garage and place them in their own storage area. You can do this by either selling off your items and making extra cash in your garage sale, or consider buying a separate storage unit. If this isn’t feasible, perhaps consider overhead storage containers, or building a storage shed in your backyard. These storage sheds don’t have to be too big, and they can easily store items that take up too much space in your new garage. Some of these items include kayaks, winter clothing, old bikes, old toys, etc.

3. Redo your Floors

It’s important to make sure your floors don’t have any cracks in them before you begin to set up your new repair garage. One of the best garage home improvement ideas is to redo your floors by filling in cracks! This allows your floor to have a smooth surface to take cars in and out of, as well as prevent you from tripping and suffering injuries. If your garage floor is extremely damaged, consider replacing the concrete with another flooring type, such as epoxy floors. Epoxy floors are incredibly durable, shock and slip resistant, and easy to maintain. With some simple epoxy floor coating, you can have your garage looking like new in no time. Or, you can opt to keep your concrete floors and polish them as well.

4. Install Some Garage Screens

Working out in the garage can be a relaxing experience. However, it might also be impossible due to the hot weather. If you want to maintain some privacy and keep the bugs out of your garage while still keeping your garage door open, consider installing some garage door screens. These screens are large enough to cover the entirety of the opening of your garage, and can easily let in some much-needed fresh air. This can all you to work for hours on end in your garage, without having to worry about how fresh the air you’re breathing in is.

5. Install a Security System

When you’re working out of your garage, one of the best garage home improvement ideas to keep your items safe is to install a security system. Everything from the vehicles you are working on, to your tools, paints, and supplies costs money. If home invaders know you’re working out of your garage, your garage can be an easy target, especially if it is detached from the home. It’s best to install a security system complete with cameras, alarm detection, and motion-activated lights to alert you of suspicious activity. You can also make simple repairs, such as fixing your garage door locks and repairing any faulty garage door openers, to ensure your garage stays secure.

6. Install a Tool Wall

A pegboard is an excellent investment and one of the easiest garage home improvement ideas to implement. Pegboards are designed to hold a variety of tools, shelves, utility cups, and more. Place a pegboard on a designated wall to create your very own tool wall. This saves you a ton of space and can create a beautiful look too.

7. Invest in Some Hooks

Hooks are a great installation for any garage repair shop. Hooks can be used to hang up your work attire, gloves, extra storage bags, you name it. Install hooks around your garage in areas you’d like to be easily accessible, or use them on your pegboard wall. You can also use heavy-duty garage hooks to store bicycles and other heavy items to get them off the floor and better organize your garage.

8. Purchase a Car Lift

A car lift might be the biggest investment for your garage. However, it is worth it to consider how much work has to be done on the bottom of your car. A car lift can be placed on your garage floor and must be on a level surface. Consider getting the help of contractors to ensure your floors are fully level before installing your car lift. It’s also important to ensure your car lift is completely safe to use and strong enough to lift your vehicle. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to operating your lift. If you hear any signs of trouble, such as cracking or other loud noises, it’s best to stop using your car lift and contact a service repairman ASAP.

9. Fix Garage Doors

From garage doors not fully opening, to stopping midway, or even having dents, your garage doors will eventually need to undergo maintenance. One of the best garage home improvement ideas to keep your garage safe and looking great is to fix any garage doors that need repairs. Consider investing in garage door spring repairs to make sure your garage door won’t get stuck or even fall down hard and hurt you or someone else. Fixing your garage doors might seem like a relatively simple task, but don’t leave this until the last minute. You never want to be in the middle of a repair project, only to have it hindered due to a faulty garage door.

10. Install Garage Doors

If you’ve been using your garage without any garage doors, it’s time to invest in some! As we mentioned earlier, garage doors are crucial and can provide protection and privacy for your new mechanic shop. Install garage doors to your new repair shop, and opt for steel garage doors if possible. Steel garage doors are considered to be some of the most durable and easy to maintain.

11. Install a Furnace

If you’re working out of your garage in the cold winter months, it’s best to install a small furnace that helps heat up the garage. Furnaces don’t have to run off of a ton of energy, and can be easily hooked up to propane tanks and heat up your garage relatively quickly.

12. Get Rid of Trip Hazards

Any extension cords, tools, jacks, and other supplies in your garage should always be secured tightly to the wall or in other areas off the floor. Not only will this protect them against flooding in case of an emergency, but also protect you against unwanted falls. To get rid of trip hazards, consider installing a cord storage organizer, clips, or Velcro to secure your cords.

13. Invest in an Air Compressor

Air compressors are worth their weight in gold when it comes to repairing vehicles. Air compressors should be a standard in any mechanic repair garage. Make sure you have room in your garage for a standard-sized air compressor. These can aid in powering air tools, inflating tires, and sanding, and other auto paint repair services.

14. Install Ventilation

Speaking of sanding, it’s important to have adequate ventilation in your garage to get rid of any toxic fumes, sand, and dust that can accumulate when you’re fixing cars. One of the best garage home improvement ideas to keep you healthy is to install some exhaust fans or other ventilation systems in your garage. Most garages don’t come equipped with a ventilation system, since you don’t spend much time there. Although you can easily just leave your garage door open while doing repairs, if you’d prefer to leave it closed, you should definitely consider installing a new duct into your garage to ensure adequate ventilation.

15. Insulate your Garage

Insulating your garage can be done relatively easily and is one of the first garage home improvement ideas you should implement before transforming your garage into a repair shop. You can use spray-foam insulation and extend your garage door walls. However, this method makes you lose out on precious space in your garage. A better idea is to invest in an overhead door that comes insulated already. An insulated garage door is simple to install, and can even save you money on energy costs in the long run.

16. Fix Any Broken Windows

A draft getting into your garage can mean cold days ahead. Not only is it important to fix any cracked windows to keep your garage warm, but also to prevent this from being used as an entryway into your garage by would-be burglars. Cracked windows can be easily seen from the street, so it’s best to get them repaired right away as soon as you notice them. It’s best to get the help of a glass repair service to fix any of your broken windows if you’re unsure of how to do it yourself. This is especially useful if you have custom-fitted windows in your garage.

17. Install a Sink

Mechanics have to deal with loads of chemicals, oils, dirt, grease, you name it. Instead of having to walk all the way through your home in order to reach the sink, it’s best to have a small sink installed in your repair garage. Sinks can not only help you keep your hands clean, but also help you get a drink of water or use water to fill up your vehicle without having to drag out that heavy garden hose.

18. Have a Safety Area

In addition to a sink where you can wash your hands, you should have a safety area in your garage that can include a first-aid kit and an eye-washing station. Having an eye-washing station can prevent serious injuries to your eyes, such as chemical burns and irritation. Along with an eye-washing station, it’s also a good idea to have a small first-aid kit at hand to help you clean and treat cuts, burns, and even muscle strains. Working as a mechanic, your safety should always be the top priority.

19. Consider a Garage Cabinet

A garage cabinet is a nice alternative to a tool wall. You can buy garage cabinets in various sizes from your hardware shop. Depending on the size of your garage, you can invest in a single tool cabinet, or install a large cabinet complete with drawers, a countertop workspace, and extra shelving. Make sure your cabinet has enough storage space for all your tools, including your voltmeters, wrenches, screwdrivers, code readers, and more.

20. Install Lighting

Who wants to work in a dimly lit garage? Not only is a dimly-lit garage tough to work in, but it’s also very unsafe and can pose a threat to your auto repair services. It’s best to invest in adequate lighting such as LED lights that can be placed around the entirety of your garage. LED bar lights are a great option that is energy-efficient, yet bright enough to allow you to see clearly during your repairs.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way

You don’t have to outfit your garage with the most expensive tools or power sources. By following these simple garage home improvement ideas we’ve mentioned above, you can turn your garage from a simple storage unit to an all-out repair shop in no time!

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