How To Makeover Your Bathroom

The benefits of having tile in your bathroom create a stylish addition to bath tiles that might otherwise be shabby or broken. Certain types of tiles aren’t necessarily fitting but allow a different sense of flair to the general look of the bathroom—for example; shower tiles are typically worn because excessive water hits them. Changing out your bathroom shower tile is excellent because it allows for an entirely different appeal.

Replacing Bathroom Shower Tile

If you’re planning to do a bathroom renovation, they are some things you should factor in to ensure you know what you want to do with the remaining materials in your bathroom. Before opting to throw away a perfectly good bathroom shower title, make sure you are certain you’re ready to make such a change.

1. Decide what to repaint: When redoing bathroom tiles it’s essential to understand what type of titling you want to replace the old flooring. Most people prefer ceramic titling because it is a favorite, durable material that has been used for poetry and decorations for over 37,000 years. Although ceramic pool tile seems to be more in demand than bathroom tiling, many people still opt for ceramic.

2. Figure out what needs to be painted:When hiring a professional, make sure to explain your desired result as clearly and as concise as possible. The paint should be able to mesh well with other materials to create a smooth finished product—avoid areas that considerable amounts of traffic (I.e., bath tiles) in favor of tile refinishing to make the process far less stressful.

3. Installation: Installing tile is one of the most significant factors in regard to placing down bath tiles. It’s important to hire a professional to accurately measure out the size of the tiles to fit in place on the floor. The average price of a ceramic tile ranges anywhere from $2.50-$3.00 per square foot, which can quickly add up depending on the size of your bathroom. When laying tiles, most professionals factor in an extra 10% waste of materials that account for excessive trimming and waste. Improper cutting and installation lead to increased labor and cost by a considerable margin, and you’ll potentially be left with a product you’re unhappy with.

4. Cleaning: People often look to change their bathroom tiles because they require a detailed cleaning process that no one wants to undergo daily. Especially when factoring in the difficulty of cleaning a bathroom shower tile, people tend to choose flooring that’s easier to clean, which is why a glass tile bathroom or glass tile shower is gaining popularity in homes. There’s also less of a concern when dealing with mold or other invasive bacteria with easy-to-clean tile surfaces.

5. Heat Retention:Another major factor is how well your tiling retains heat. During the winter months, this could be ideal, but highly comfortable during warmer months. Arabesque tile, Mother of Pearl tile, and ceramic are all ties that lack heat insulation—while these particular tiles are beneficial to a bathroom, it’s best to add bath rugs and mats to maintain a constant temperature in your bathroom.

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