How to Maintain your Septic System Safely

In the video How to Maintain Your Septic System Safely, a homeowner shows us issues that could pop up for homeowners and how to fix or prevent them. Septic systems are an important part of a home and maintaining them could prevent problems that could cost thousands. It can also increase the cleanliness of a home by now allowing backup to create a terrible smell in the house.

Debi Marie noticed that when she turned on her sink, there would be dirty water coming out of her tub. This lead her husband to check the septic system in their yard and noticed that it was clogged up.

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This was a septic backup. It caused their pipes to send back septic waste into their house and up the pipes. This is what caused the tub to release dirty water even though Debi was using the sink. Her husband was able to clean some of it but they decided to bring in Dan Cohen from EcoNow Solutions to help them prevent this sort of thing in the future and provide drain field repair.

Dan gave some ideas on what not to do. You should never pour cooking oil or grease down the train.

You should avoid flushing cigarettes, paper towels, paint thinners, or solvents. You do not want any of this stuff in your septic system even if it is pumped/maintained periodically. Overusing certain household cleaners and drain line openers is not a good idea for a septic system.The EPA recommends the septic system inspected every 3 years and pumped every 3 to 5 years. However, some municipalities have different guidelines regarding this and a homeowner should check their local guidelines.

EcoNow recommends adding Septic Oxy-Tabs to everyone’s septic system. It’s a tab that helps break down any unwanted objects in your septic tank by adding billions of bacteria and enzymes. It’s incredibly easy to add to the system. You simply have to flush down the tab down the toilet and it ends up in the septic tank. Dan showed how the Oxy-Tab works by putting it in a glass of water.

It immediately released oxygen, buffers, and the bacteria into the water and it began to work. Flushing this down once a month is a fantastic way to maintain your septic system and can prevent future issues like a septic backup from happening. It’s always a good idea to keep your system maintained as well and bringing out a specialist to take a look at the system if it hasn’t been looked at in a while.


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