How to Install HardieBacker Cement Board on Floors

The cement board’s strength and durability make it a great choice for flooring. The attached video will walk you through how to install James Hardie Cement Board on your floors.

Make sure that the floor is structurally sound before you put down any sort of flooring.

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It’s recommended that you use a one-fourth-inch cement board for most flooring types. From there, you’ll want to determine the final layout of your boards. Be sure to stagger the joints, and don’t line the joints up with those in the subfloor.

Apply a coat of modified thin-set or mortar and firmly affix the tiles to it in the desired pattern. Fasten the boards down with the specialized nails or screws listed in the materials section and make sure not to overdrive them. Fill the spaces left with the same mortar you used to set the tiles.

Tape the floor joints prior to tiling. Use a high-strength, alkali-resistant glass tape that is at least two inches wide, and embed it in the mortar layer. Make sure to follow all the instructions you’re given in official materials, so you can ensure the safety and strength of your floor.

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