How to Install a Floor Edge Trim

Installing a floor edge trim becomes a necessity when faced with varying floor types, colors, or heights, providing a seamless transition between different surfaces. In an ideal scenario, one could maintain a consistent flooring theme throughout all rooms. However, practical considerations often lead to the use of floor edge trim, ensuring a polished and visually appealing outcome.

For those working with vinyl flooring, the need for floor edge trim may arise due to manufacturer recommendations or the desire to break up the floor after covering a specific square footage. This guide focuses on a versatile type of floor edge trim, a generic strip from the brand “Performance Accessories.

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” This trim features a smart design with a channel and adjustable shims, accommodating variations in floor height with ease.

The installation process involves meticulous measurements, cutting, and notching to customize the floor edge trim for a precise fit. The presenter demonstrates the use of shims to address height differences and emphasizes the importance of adhesive to secure the trim without compromising the flexibility of the floating floor.

By opting for floor edge trim, one can achieve a professional and polished transition, seamlessly blending different flooring materials or accommodating height variations. Whether it’s concealing a break between rooms or ensuring a smooth shift from vinyl to carpet, mastering the installation of floor edge trim adds a finishing touch to any flooring project.


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