How to Conduct Proper Lake House Maintenance

Just like your home, your lake house also needs proper maintenance year-round. If you want it to look its absolute best, here are some lake house maintenance tips that will change your life!

Have a Neighbor Check in Every Now and Then

If you are leaving your lake house for the colder weather, ask a neighbor to check in occasionally.

If you feel comfortable, leave them the keys so they can survey the area properly. You should also leave your email address and phone number so they can get a hold of you in case of an emergency.

Implement Better Security

However, don’t completely rely on your neighbors as your number one source of security. There are countless ways that you can upgrade the safety factor in your lake house.

Start by getting a better alarm system. Many intruders are automatically put off by this. Install sensors by the windows, as this is their main point of entry when the front door is locked.

Cover Your Boat

If you own a pontoon boat, cover it up! Leaving a thick cover on will keep rodents out, block out the sun’s UV rays, and eliminate insects from nesting into the interior.

Empty the Freezer

Before leaving your area, make sure to implement this lake house maintenance tip. You should remove everything from the freezer before leaving. This can prevent food from spoiling. It can also prevent freezer burn. Try to cook all the food before its expiration date. However, don’t stuff yourself either! It may seem wasteful, but throw out any food that you can’t see yourself eating.

Install Light Timers

If you accidentally leave a light on while you’re out of your lake house, this can rack up an impressive lighting bill. Take this next lake house maintenance tip seriously install light timers in each room. The lights will stay off and only come on once they have been motion activated.

Check the HVAC System in Your Lake House

Lake house maintenance should include HVAC maintenance. This is not just a matter you should concern yourself with in your regular home. Since most lake homes are out in the woods, you want to ensure the rooms are nice and cozy in the winter and fresh in the humid summer.

Start by checking the air conditioner filters. Certain common irregularities can be a direct result of a clogged or filthy air filter. Any maintenance person would encourage lake homeowners to check their filters and replace them if necessary. It’s also extremely beneficial for homeowners with pets to have various filters for a convenient replacement process. Make sure to mark your calendars because those one inch filters should be changed every month. However, if your AC uses two inch filters, they should be changed every two months. Finally, four or five inch filters should be changed every six to 12 months.

Prepare for the Pests

If you’re near a lake, there are bound to be plenty of pests around. If you wish to perform top tier lake house maintenance, secure the windows, patch up any holes in siding. Additionally, install mesh over attic vents to keep birds and rodents out of your lake home.

Prevention is easier than extermination, so take action before taking off for the summer. Since mice are so persistent, you should also install some traps by the main entry points of the home.

Get a Dock Built For When You Return

When leaving, make plans to get a dock built for your lake house. This is indeed a form of lake house maintenance, as it can improve the landscape and functionality of the space.

  • You’ll have more boat security, as you won’t have to dock it away from the lake house.
  • A dock also means you can put less effort into towing your boat to and from the water.
  • Docks are also fun — you can dive off the edge and into the lake.
  • You will save money as you won’t have to rent out a space to keep your boat.

If you’re interested in adding a dock, look into dock building supplies and start this project when you’re not busy with lake house maintenance.

Purchase Better Locks

If you’re paying a hefty mortgage for your lake house, the last thing you want is to be robbed! Prevent this possibility from happening and install stronger and better locks onto the doors.

Leave Your Garden in Perfect Condition

Before leaving your home, make sure your outdoor space is in perfect condition. Trim the trees and bushes. Also, cut the grass down short. Finally, rake the leaves and place outdoor furniture in storage. Do whatever you can to make your space not look like a jungle whenever you return.

Replace the Garage Door

Garage door services can also help you with your lake house maintenance. Replacing the garage door not only makes the property safer, but it also adds value to the home.

Stop Your Mail and Delivery

Ask your mail carrier if they can put your packages on hold until you get back. You don’t want to risk someone stealing any of your packages. Additionally, you also don’t want your packages to pile up.

Check the Plumbing

Maintain the septic tank if you want to keep the house in great shape.

In the lake house kitchen, know that the kitchen drains can clog easily if you don’t take care of it. Due to debris or wastes going down the sink food can get lodged in there! To prevent clogged drains in your lake house kitchen, don’t pour grease or cooking oils down the sink! Examples can include cooking oils and fats, such as butter. These can solidify in the pipes and block water flow. This can also cause damage, which you will need a plumber to fix over time.

However, this is not the only thing you should do if you want to maintain the plumbing system in your kitchen’s lake house.

You should always turn your water and disposal system on before adding any food. You never want to put fibrous food wastes down the garbage disposal, as this can also cause damage. Unsure of what this entails? These foods can include things like banana peels, potato peels, and veggies like celery.

Allow cold water from the tap to run for at least 15 seconds after using the disposal. This step ensures food wastes are flushed down the mainline.
Then, run the lake house kitchen dishwasher at night to conserve hot water and maintain good water pressure throughout the day.

However, the plumbing system in your lake house goes well beyond the kitchen. Consider what you need to do in the bathroom, plumbing wise!

The bathroom can often become clogged too. Reduce serious clogs and counter this situation by following these plumbing maintenance tips. Keep the shower and sink drains flowing freely by reducing your use of oils and oily products when showering. Pause and think of all the many products you use to wash and hydrate your body. These products are often oily or greasy in order to provide moisture for your skin and hair. However, these body products can cling to pipes, attract other debris, and cause blockages. So, don’t let coconut oil wash away with your shampoo. Installing screens over all the drains in your lake house to prevent hair and heavy products from going down the drain.

Lastly, avoid toilet clogs by not using it as a trash can. Only toilet paper should be flushed. While some wipes are labeled as flushable, it is better not to do so, as they can clog the septic tank.

For overall weekly maintenance:

  • Check the kitchen and bathroom for leaks. Start by looking under the sinks for severe signs of moisture — such as puddles of water, water marks, and mold.
  • Test all sink and shower drains for speed. If bubbles appear while the water is draining, you may need to call your plumber. This is usually a sign of a slow drain.
  • Clean your lint traps on your washing machine because not doing so may cause a fire.
  • Turn on each water faucet in your home and make sure water only pours from the spout — the water shouldn’t be coming out of the handles or valves.

Unplug the Electrical Devices

Aside from calling plumbing services, here’s another way you can maintain your lake home. If you want to save money and also preserve power, unplug all devices like the microwave or the washing machine.

Repaint the Lake House

If you want to keep your house looking gorgeous, paint it every few years. Paint can chip and look dull over time. Additionally, if you’re getting bored old the same boring color, a new and fresh coat of paint will make the house look lovely.

Determine Whether You Want to Sell the Home

If you find that you’re not spending time at the lake house, and that lake house maintenance does not seem worth it to you, sell your house fast! It may seem hard letting your house go, but you can find a new owner for it, so you won’t have to worry about the maintenance.

Selling your home may seem intimidating; however, if you follow the right tips, you can absolutely sell it for a steal.

Clear Your Clutter

If you want to sell your lake house, start with the most simple task! Clear the clutter out first. It will look substantially better, and it will also make moving a breeze.

Put away the children’s toys, file away any bills or receipts, and throw out old furniture. You want the new owners to envision the lake house as their own — therefore, make sure it looks spotless if you’re putting it on the market.

Clean Out the Outbuildings

If your lake house also has an outbuilding, clean those out too. Get your garage cleared out.

Maximize the Lake House View

The reason people choose to live by the lake is for the stunning views. Therefore, maximize those gorgeous views. Clean the windows, clear furniture out, or rearrange the room.

Call a Roofing Service

A lake house should look put-together, but it should also be safe and sturdy! Therefore, hire a roofing service to conduct a thorough inspection. If it doesn’t pass, consider getting a replacement before you put your home on the marketplace.

Pressure Wash the Docks

Before you call the realtor, pressure walk the docks and the surrounding area. You should also repaint the dock if it’s in need of a makeover. However, power washing is a smart way to get the gunk off of that area and make the space look fresher.

Call a Realtor Who Specializes in Lake Houses

Selling a lake house may be a little trickier than selling a normal house. The demand isn’t as high. Ensure that you’re pricing it correctly. You also want to learn everything you can about the home. The right realtor can also make some recommendations to improve the likelihood of a sale — like getting residential roof installation.

Some Final Words on Lake House Maintenance

If you’re wondering how to enhance your lake house maintenance routine, implement these tips! Your lake house should be given as much attention as your house back home. After all, your lake house is a perfect getaway and deserves to be treated like the little slice of paradise that it is.

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