How to Choose the Best Flywheel Stone

Having the suitable flywheel stone at your disposal means you are more likely to create much faster materials and be able to finish quicker too. If you are a technician, here are some ways to choose the best flywheel stone to fast-track your projects.

Why are there different kinds of grinding stones? There are hundreds of grinding stones, and each one is made differently for different types of applications. There are a variety of metals that flywheels and other clutch components are made out of.

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Aluminum oxide flywheel grinding stone- a flywheel stone made out of aluminum oxide is tested and proven to be a good option for billet steel. This type of flywheel stone is very fast aggressive and will get your project done without any problems. The aluminum oxide flywheel grinding stone is a popular choice among technicians who deal with Chevys and Ford.

Silicone carbide flywheel grinding stone- the silicone carbide flywheel stone is also a great choice if you want to be a little bit more aggressive with your project as you can also put some downward pressure on it. This material lasts longer, is more durable, and lasts longer than other materials.

Importance of coolant: It is essential to have a coolant whenever you grind. It keeps the grinding wheel cool when you’re grinding, takes the grinding materials away, and keeps the grinding machine clean free from rust.


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