How to Build a Loafing Shed for Horses

When you keep horses on your property, one of your main goals is to keep them warm and safe from the elements. One of the best ways to do this is to install a portable loafing shed on your property. Loafing sheds are three-walled sheds with stalls for multiple livestock animals. They typically have space to feed the animals and a way to keep them contained.

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One of the best features of loafing sheds is their portability. Instead of being built on a foundation, they are built on durable runners. They can be towed behind a truck or a tractor to allow for convenient relocation around your property.

In the video posted here, the host describes how to build your own DIY loafing shed. While some DIY sheds are built using pressure-treated lumber, this shed is even more durable because it is built out of steel and tin. It won’t succumb to insect damage or rot.

To build an all-metal loafing shed, you’ll need access to welding equipment. The video goes over what you’ll need in great detail, so be sure to watch it in full before you start your DIY horse shelter project.

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