How Green Is Your Lawn? What You Need to Know About Safe Lawn Care

When you have a lawn, it needs to have essential lawn care to keep it in good health. If you have the wrong plants in it, it can be hard to take care of. It’s always a better idea to have plants in your landscaping that are native to your area. This will make them easy to manage, and it won’t require too much care and water. If you aren’t sure which types of plants you should use in your yard, you can get a landscape design service to assess your yard and come up with a workable design that won’t require you to slave over it.

If you aren’t the type that loves doing yard work and lawn mowing you might simply say- cut my lawn! With a cut my grass service, you will have easy lawn maintenance as someone else takes care of the largest part of the lawn care. These services make it easy for you to keep your lawn looking great while you do other things. You can also get other optional services along with your lawn mowing such as trimming shrubs. If you have a good company that takes good care of your lawn, stick with them.

Having a lawn is important. So much so that 83% of Americans agree. Of that number, 90% agree that lawn maintenance is just as important. From a professional stand-point, 97% of real estate agents giving advise on home improvements suggest landscaping as a top improvement to any property. Reason being that small aesthetic changes like landscaping can see homeowners can earn up to 215% return on investment for their home and raise the property value by as much as 12%. With lawn care being so important to both homeowners and real estate professionals, it is just as important to practice environmentally friendly lawn care. There are many ways to use safe, organic lawn care products and materials to lower the risk of exposing your family to unnecessary and dangerous toxins.

Check Products For Harsh Chemicals
Environmentally friendly lawn care, also known as safe lawn care involves the use of products that do not contain harsh chemicals like 2,4-d. This chemical is commonly found in things like weed control and is widely used in agriculture, landscaping and forestry. Products that contain these harsh chemicals are often found to be unsafe for families, pets and even the environment. Many are believed to cause cancer in humans and death to many animals over time. Practicing safe lawn care by using organic fertilizer enhances the life of the soil and reduces disease. This results in a healthier, greener lawn and a step closer to a cleaner environment.

Choose Eco-Friendly Grasses
When replacing the grass in your yard, first consider an eco friendly lawn care grass. These grasses are beneficial because they require less watering, less mowing and are cost efficient because they do not require as much fertilizer. This brings you another step closer to reducing your carbon footprint and creating a cleaner environment.

Be Conscious of Your Water Usage
Roots can tend to stay on the surface if watered too often. This makes them vulnerable to drought and disease. The key to green lawn care is to water infrequently yet deeply. Doing so gives the roots opportunity to grow downward in search of the moisture and other nutrients in the soil. If you have recently planted something, it is a general rule of thumb to water each day until the new plantings are visible. Once that happens, watering should be reduced to just once a week. To check whether or not your lawn needs watering, simply feel into the soil about six inches and check if it is wet or moist. If it is, there is no need to water.

Practicing safe lawn care is not as complicated as many would think. In fact, when done correctly, time spent on lawn maintenance can be greatly reduced. In turn, this frees up more time to spend with the ones you love enjoying your safe, green yard.

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