How Does an Irrigation System Get Installed

In this video by The Lawn Whisperer, you’ll learn every detail involved in irrigation installation services.

An excellent and cost-effective way of keeping your lawn healthy and green even throughout the hottest days of summer is to install an irrigation system. Expert installers can help you make solid connections safely and quickly without turning your garden into a mess.

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You’d want the best irrigation installation services that will properly and adequately sip water rather than guzzle it.

Irrigation installers with a lot of expertise can accurately determine the number of zones required in the installation, as well as the correct position of the sprinkler heads. You certainly don’t want your irrigation system to be poorly designed, as that will be wasting a lot of water.

Make sure to call 811 before doing any work on the lawn, so you’ll know where the utilities are located. The next thing you’d want to do is remove the sod before digging the trenches. This way, you can easily place them back as if nothing happened.

For the trenches, aim for about 10 inches of depth. Remember to keep away from tree roots as that will take a lot of work – as you will see in the video.

For more details, make sure to finish watching the video. You’ll learn great tips to help you achieve greener grass and a lush lawn that will make every neighbor envious.


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