How Can I Prepare For a Hurricane?

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or cyclones, do not wait until disaster strikes! Instead, take the offensive and be prepared. Even as a tropical storm, the effects of high winds that this weather system can bring could cause flooding, power outages, and other nature-related problems. So, what can you do to be prepared? Keep reading this blog to learn the essentials for hurricane prep.

For starters, you should know the number to call for the hurricane or cyclone response team in your area. They know what measures to take in order to fend off a devastating storm. They may suggest you install hurricane screens on doors and windows and perhaps even a protective cover for the bottom of your doors. This latter suggestion would be to prevent floodwaters from getting into your home.

Check to make sure your emergency supply box is completely stocked and in a convenient place. A little later in this blog, we tell you what should be in it. Also be certain to have a working, battery-operated radio tuned into a news station. There is so much you can to do be ready for that devastating storm. Get started right away!


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Hurricane preparedness is not something to take lightly. These superstorms can produce enough energy to power the lights of Las Vegas for years, and sustain winds faster than 74 MPH. You don’t want to be caught asking how can I prepare for a hurricane on a storm’s imminent approach.

So, how can I prepare for a hurricane?

Before the storm strikes, you should build an emergency kit, and have a hurricane preparedness plan in place. Your emergency kit should include several gallons of air-tight bottled water, enough non-perishable, canned food to last for three to seven days, blankets, spare clothing, flashlights, flares, extra batteries, first aid kits, spare gasoline, and other items you deem necessary. This is the best (and probably only time) to ask how can I prepare for a hurricane.

During the storm, you should tune in to either the radio or TV for information. You should fill your bathtub with water and your sinks, in the event that running water is cut off. Then, turn off the utilities, lest they get damaged and cause further damage to your home.

Stay inside, and away from doors and windows. Brace any and all external doors, to make sure that they stay closed. If the storm becomes particularly bad, you should take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or a hallway on the lowest level of your house.

Sometimes, asking how do I prepare for a hurricane might be the wrong thing to do. Instead, you should ask how to evacuate. If you’re directed to evacuate, be sure to follow the authorities’ instruction. Pack your emergency kit, and any other necessary items. You may also want to bring important documentation with you, just in case.

If you were wondering how can I prepare for a hurricane, you hopefully now know how! If you have any questions, (other than how can I prepare for a hurricane), feel free to ask in the comments. For more information, read this website.


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