How Can Better Lighting Improve My Mood At Home?

Modern recessed lighting

Art is psychology. Psychology is art. Knowing the connection between these two vast and fascinating fields…how do you go about mixing the two in your life? This question is something lighting stores regularly pose to their customers every single day, as the art of lighting is a field just as vast as biology or engineering. The lighting in your home, the lighting in the grocery store, the lighting at your favorite bar — all of these play a subtle part in changing your mood and affecting your confidence at any given time. While this can seem a little spooky, you’ll be happy to know you can take advantage of the options available to you and use lighting as you see fit.

Fun Facts

Lighting is everywhere. Because of this, we can often take advantage of the positive and negative impact they can have on our psyche. Lighting accounts for up to 10% of the total energy consumed in the home, making it a factor you can’t afford to take for granted. Poor lighting and artificial lighting has been proven to have a negative impact on a person’s mood and increase the probability for depression and anxiety. Likewise, natural sunlight and bright spaces have been proven to make people happier and more energized.

How Can I Create An Ambient Mood?

Let’s start off this list with the most common question — that of creating a soft, atmospheric, ambient mood. For those that want to encourage a gentle glow, it’s important to consider the placement of your lamps. The brightest spot in the dining room, for example, should be the table. Drawing people in is much easier when you install a chandelier or pendant above the table. This way you can have some darker corners without accidentally creating a moody, drab environment.

How Can I Create A Better Workspace Or Study Room?

Perhaps you’re less interested in creating mood and just want to create bright lighting that encourages a more studious nature. This is also known as ‘task lighting’ in most lighting stores and is the term you should invoke when shopping around for bowery lights or lightolier fixtures. The type of light you work or study to has been proven to have a major impact on your memory retention and mood. Fluorescent bulbs are five times more energy efficient than both incandescent and halogen bulbs, so save money while boosting your productivity!

How Can I Create Cheerful, Artistic Accents?

Interested in some touch-ups? Look no further. Lighting touches are how we express ourselves and feel more at home. According to a 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, over 80% of homeowners renovating their kitchens decided to upgrade their lighting fixtures. A study just the year prior saw half of all homeowners upgrading their bathroom through added wall lights. Modern recessed lighting is a good catch-all choice, though you can always try a slew of light strings to give other areas of the home some serious charm.

How Can I Create A Happier Home?

Your mental and emotional health is important. Lighting stores know this. They revel in this. They have everything from Fontana Arte lighting to Leucos lighting, entire sections and sub-sections dedicated to bringing you the very best lighting has to offer. Rather than giving your entire home a revamp right off the bat, try going for one or two areas that you frequent and looking into how you can touch them up. The master bathroom, bedroom and dining room are often the first places many homeowners start on their journey of self-discovery. Where will you begin?

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