Heating and cooling during outdoor projects

Working outside in the elements is something that millions of people need to do each and everyday. Whether it is hot outside or the dead of winter it is very important to ensure the comfort and safety of your employees when working outdoors. So what options are there for those who employ outdoors workers?

Framers, stucco plasterers, drywall installers, painters, and many other career options are all working outside all year long. The key to keeping these people comfortable while they work is using industrial sized heaters and air conditioning units to create optimal working environments. Many of these different construction items need to be done at certain temperatures before they can dry, stick, or maintain shape. Imagine trying to get paint to dry at minus twenty degrees Celsius, the same thing goes for a medium like stucco. Picture yourself trying to drive in nails at minus twenty degree weather as well, your hands would be frozen and immobile.

Cornell university conducted a study that shows optimal productivity working temperatures to be at 71.6 degrees. To maintain these temperatures you would need to provide temporary heating or temporary cooling depending on the conditions you are working in. You can get rental heaters for all areas of your work space to provide the utmost comfort for your employees. Having these heaters and air conditioners in place is great but will also require a certain type of ventilation as these areas will be sealed off under tarps to keep the temperature within the confined space. Ventilation is very important as workers can get dizzy and pass out if there is not enough air circulation.

When looking at rental heaters for your work space it is a good idea to consider dehumidifiers as well. Optimal breathing conditions make for happy employees creating a better work environment for everyone. There are many requirements put in place by workers compensation to ensure employees are given the right environment to do their jobs. If you are unsure of what is required of your work space it is a good idea to call your local workers compensation office or other safety board to find out the regulations. If you are found not following these guidelines you can face charges and heavy fines for mistreatment of employees and can make your business look bad in the end.

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