Habitat for Humanity Builds Great Houses For Those In Need

The video titled Helping Habitat for Humanity Build Sustainable Net Zero Homes starts with highlighting the relationships that Habitat for Humanity creates when they build homes for those that are in need and how this relationship helps to create and maintain pride within the homeowners in these communities. Anthony and Michael Gleason are some of the many beneficiaries of the work that this charity has achieved with its project to build homes for those that are in need. Donors such as James Hardie have been a key factor in providing sustainable housing for people like the Gleason family.

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Even though Habitat for Humanity does a lot of work, they would not be able to provide as many housing opportunities as they can without the assistance of people who donate resources to them.

One of the charity’s priorities is to provide quality homes that make the beneficiaries feel as though they are deserving of housing that is valuable. This is why these homes are not only beautiful but they are practical and have been serviced by excellent providers such as commercial HVAC service companies to include cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling systems. The charity had to utilize practical and innovative methods and that is how the concept of net-zero energy was implemented to ensure that these homes can produce the same amount of energy that they consume.

Therefore, these homes are highly energy efficient.

The inventors maintain that the use of technology such as ColorPlus Technology is for durability because it creates strong finishes that last longer than other standard housing projects and therefore it allows for the maximum reduction of maintenance costs of the house. So far these innovations have been true to their claims because the houses have been able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, each house has been painted with a unique color so that the homeowners can identify their homes with pride and joy.

For someone like Anthony who is a veteran and the single father of his son Micheal, the work that Habitat for Humanity does promises them a brighter future and leaves them with fewer worries about shelter. The great part about the housing projects is that the benefactors and prospective homeowners work together to build their homes until it is finished. Additionally, a bond is created from start to finish and this also involves some of the volunteers within the community that help out with additional resources such as labor.

Habitat for Humanity will continue to build more innovative and durable homes for people like the Gleason family. However, more donors are welcome to pledge their resources to ensure that more families that need affordable and quality housing can receive it and achieve their dreams.


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