Going Green With Interior Plantscaping

UPDATED 10/8/20

Interior plantscaping is a great trend in modern design philosophy and psychology. Plants are a known, natural source of both relaxation and fresh air in any environment. Using interior plantscaping can turn a stuffy office space into a place where employees do not mind working, or turn a home from a dull and lifeless environment into one that thrives and grows along with the people who live in it. If you want to figure out a way to inexpensively give any room of a building a fresh look and feel, interior plantscaping is definitely something that you should consider.

fresh air interior plantscaping

When you are choosing which plants to include in your interior plantscaping, one of the most important features should be the ability to grow in areas that have low or little lighting. Unless you have a sunroom, green house, or extended and covered deck, your plants will not be getting as much sunlight as their outdoor cousins. There are actually several different species that work well with interior plantscaping, including cast iron plants, peace lilies, and some cacti. If you speak with a landscaping contractor, they may have more information on different breeds that grow well in doors, including some herbs that you can use for cooking.

The best part of interior plantscaping is going to be the effect that it has on the people around it. Plants reduce stress levels, increase the levels of oxygen available in the air, and keep people feeling better for longer periods of time. Offices and homes that have plants indoors tend to have a lower occurrence of sickness, and generally healthier attitudes that spaces that do not have plants. Interior plantscaping can be an easy solution for chronic cold and flu sufferers.

Knowing which plants are going to be right for your rooms is important, so consider speaking with an interior plantscaping specialist in your area. You can get tips on how to maintain your indoor plants, how to protect them from pets and small children, and general ideas on what may best compliment the color or tones of various rooms in your home. From the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom, there is not a single place in your home that would not benefit from the addition of interior plantscaping ideas and designs. Getting in on this trend could mean saying goodbye to gloomy interiors and lifeless atmospheres.

A brief history of interior design tells you that ‘interior designer’ was first coined in the 1930’s. Keeping your home clean and tidy is not enough to keep indoor air pure. Factors like paint, insulation and appliances cause toxins like formaldehyde and benzene to pollute home environment. Plants like Snake plant, sweetheart plant, golden pothos and rubber plant can purify and absorb harmful gases through their leaves pores and filter and clean the air indoors. Fresh air interior plantscaping not only makes your home a healthy place but also adds beauty and grandeur. You can fill the awkward, empty spaces by choosing the right indoor plants and place them all around the house interiors enhancing the beauty and décor of the house. Good interior design sites provide ample examples. Residential home designers cater to your taste, whether you want to be traditional or modern or aspire for an eclectic mix. Interior decoration can either be used to draw your focus to or to divert your focus from a desirable area of your home. By being informed about interior decoration you can keep your home unique and aesthetically pleasing.


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