Gardening Isn’t Just FunIt’s Good For You! The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Regular Gardening

Spring is coming up soon. With it comes beautiful days of blooming flowers, May showers, and all sorts of opportunities to grow your green thumb.

…You do have a green thumb, right? If you don’t, there’s no need to fret. There are plenty of opportunities to learn more about the yard garden and all the good it can do for you. When you’re aching for a weekend hobby with some additional perks attached, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Millions of Americans today are becoming reacquainted with the art of nature one seed at a time.

Whether you’re interested in growing some herbs for the dinner table or trying your hand at flowers, there’s a whole world to explore. Try out these backyard garden tips below so you can get off on the right foot.

Almost Everyone Loves To Get Outside And Garden

Americans today are falling in love all over again with gardening. According to a 2017 study nearly 188 million Americans did some sort of gardening in the last year, with a 2016 study finding the average gardening expense at $150 per customer. Growing faster every day with no signs of slowing down, the American home and garden market is slated to hit $10 billion over the next few years. Now’s never been a better time to cultivate your green thumb and enjoy a steady return on the investment. From improving your health to bolstering your home’s value, there’s no end to the benefits!

Regular Gardening Is Very Good For Your Health

Did you know gardening isn’t just fun, but actually quite good for you? A recent Dutch study analyzed the correlation between stress relief and gardening across multiple demographics. It was found that those who regularly got out and spent time in their garden every week had a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke compared to those who didn’t. Gardening has also been proven to significantly reduce anxious and depressive symptoms. When you want a full package hobby, look no further than your own backyard.

Ask Yourself What You Want To Get Out Of Gardening

This is a smart question to ask early, as it’ll set the foundation for what’s to come. No one person gets the exact same thing out of their garden…and that’s a good thing! Perhaps you’re interested in growing your green thumb so you can enjoy a healthier diet. Maybe you just want to improve your home’s value in the most organic way possible. According to a recent industry study, the American home and garden market was worth around $270 billion two years ago.

Make Sure You Become Comfortable With Soil And Maintenance

The secret to any healthy garden is rich, healthy soil. Plants don’t just get their nutrients from the sun and water, after all. When you visit your local Portland garden center it’s suggested you buy some pH strips so you can regularly check your soil’s healthy balance. This will be key to getting your plants to sprout sooner rather than later. Useful long-term maintenance tools include rocks to prevent weeds, labeling strips to keep you from becoming disorganized, and fencing to keep nosy animals at bay.

Ask Your Local Outside Garden Center For Help

There’s no need to attempt this entire journey on your own. Just like a plant needs several resources to grow tall, so too do you need a little help getting started. Local garden centers are your one-stop shop for all things garden nursery related. You can find useful kits that include a little bit of everything so you can get started as soon as possible. Anything more extravagant can wait until you’re more comfortable with the potting, digging, and watering process!

Spring is just around the corner. Enjoy yourself to the fullest by crafting your very own herb, vegetable, or fruit garden.

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