Four Things to Consider in a Basement Remodel

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There are a lot of potential benefits to a basement renovation. In fact, in the last two decades, basement finishing has become one of the most popular types of home remodel and can return as much as 70% on investment. If you’re considering making something of your basement, here are four things to consider before you grab some tools or ring up a basement contractor or home remodeling contractor:

What Can You Do With the Space?

Often a lot more than you think. Depending on size and hookups, you could add a bathroom or bedroom, or both. Basements also make great entertainment areas, wine cellars, dens, and even children’s playroom space for rainy days. A lot of basement contractors can actually advise you on basement design ideas, as well.

What’s Your Main Goal?

DO you want to add value to the house for a re-sell? In that case, having a full extra bedroom or bathroom is a great room addition idea. If you want to call a room a bedroom, though, many places will require that there be two ways in and out, meaning that you’ll need to be able to put in a window at least. That can get expensive with a lot of the basement walls. If your main purpose is free up some space for you or increase personal value of the space, making the basement suitable for playing, watching movies, or just relaxing with friends and family can be a lot cheaper and easier to do.

Should I Try to Do it Myself?

If you’re a handy sort of person, there are definitely things you can do on your own. But basements can be tricky. A basement contractor will be aware of any permit or code issues that you need to be aware of. And basements have special mold, foundational, ventilation, and fire safety issues that professionals will be aware of. They also have experience with contractors and have already taken the time to sort the good ones from the bad.

What Should I Look for in a Basement Contractor?

Look for someone who has been in business a while, who is insured for at least the value of your home, and who is properly licensed. You’ll also be wise to look for someone with specialization in basement work, and it can’t hurt to ask to see some of the contractor’s previous work. And of course, your basement contractor should be able to explain exactly what is and is not included in any price quote.

Having a refinished basement is a great addition to any home. It can add valuable space and increase the value of your space. The key is doing it right from the beginning to make the most of your space.


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