Five Things to Know About Modern Furniture Stores

Whether buying a new home, renting, or upgrading the look of one’s home, apartment furniture shopping is something most people have had to do at some point. The style of home decor one is targeting will determine what furniture stores to visit. Although some stores specialize in all kinds of furniture, some specialize in niche furniture types. Modern furniture types are a crowd favorite because of their clean look, and a good number of stores carry these. Some of these modern furniture stores double as a home decor service.

The first question someone looking to go apartment furniture shopping may ask is ‘are there any furniture stores near me?’ An online search can show furniture stores near you. Asking someone who has recently used a home decor service is also a great place to start. After narrowing down your option of furniture stores, the following tips could guide you when shopping:

  • Be careful not to be led astray by ambiguous sales. Focus instead on quality.
  • Look out for additional costs like delivery charges.
  • Measure to be sure the furniture fits your space.
  • Ask about refund policies, warranties, and be sure to read the fine print.

Buy modern furniture

Are you wondering where to buy modern furniture? The sleek and clean look of cool modern furniture really sets the stage for the entire home, but if you don’t know where to buy modern furniture, you can end up paying too much for modern furniture brands that aren’t worth it and get worn out and funky looking quickly.

And so, if you really want to know where to buy modern furniture, the trick is to know what you need to know about the furniture industry ahead of time. To help you determine where to buy modern furniture from, we’be put together a guide of things to look for.

Five Things to Know About Modern Furniture Stores

    1. Price tags aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.
      If you’ve ever purchased a car from a used car lot, you (hopefully) didn’t spend the money listed on the wind shield. Furniture stores — like car lots — almost always give their salesmen a little wiggle room with the price to help them get customers to the cash register. In fact, if a furniture store is advertising a “Half Off Sale!” that just means that the price tags on the furniture are so inflated that they can knock half the price off, and still make a profit. Blow out sales can be distracting and cloud your judgement while shopping for the furniture you want to look at for the next several years. Pay more attention to quality, and be prepared to negotiate on the price, instead of shopping misleading sales.


    1. Pay attention to additional costs.
      Sometimes you’ll think you are getting a red hot deal, but when you add in all the extra fees, you could have gotten a far better quality piece of furniture for the same expense. One of the biggest deal-killers when purchasing furniture is the cost of delivery. Make sure to ask about it and add it into to the price you are considering paying before you make a decision. (Also, delivery is another factor that can be negotiated… but only if you treat it as legitimate consideration and not an afterthought. Keep that in mind.)


    1. Measure twice, deal with furniture delivery once.
      You would be surprised how often this happens. You find the perfect modern sofa for your living room. Pay for it and set up delivery. Of course you took the time to measure the space you want it in, and know that it will fit perfectly… however, you did not think to measure the stairways and doorways and curves and corners that the delivery guys will have to go through to get it into your home. If it doesn’t fit, or worse, if it is damaged while trying to force the item to fit, you could be in a really unfortunate position.

      Surprisingly, furniture delivery workers are not magicians. They cannot shrink your furniture down to a size that will make it fit through all the tight spaces needed to get it into your home. Take the time to measure the space your future furniture will need to fit through before making a purchasing decision.


    1. Understand the warranty and refund policy.
      Sometimes, you don’t realize until you get your new couch home that it just doesn’t work for your space. Sometimes, as our previous point described, you can’t even get your new piece of furniture through your doors. What happens now? Ideally, the furniture store you purchased it from will give you some kind of money back warranty period, so you can trade it in for a piece of furniture that will work for you. If not, you’re up a creek without a paddle (or should we say, you’re up a creek with an expensive piece of furniture you can’t do anything with). This is an important factor to check on before you’re stuck.


  1. Read the fine print in those financing deals.
    Another common hook that furniture companies use to hook buyers is offering to furnish their home for no interest for a set period of time, such as 24 months. However, this doesn’t mean that your furniture is interest-free. This is called a “deferred interest” deal. If you don’t pay it in full by the end of the offered period, you’ll pay all the back interest that accrued since day one.

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