Five Great Ways to Save Space in Your Apartment

Interior sliding door

If you have lots of hobbies that require lots of equipment, materials, or just plain space, it might be tough to store everything where you live, especially in an apartment with limited closet space. For instance, avid golfers might have trouble finding a place to put their clubs and painters might not have a good spot to set up an easel and all of their supplies. Fortunately, there are lots of great solutions to that kind of problem.

Divide Rooms

By installing room dividers like sliding doors, you will be able to more clearly define spaces in your apartment. That might not be the best idea in a small apartment where you don’t have a ton of space, but if you have an open plan, separating a corner for storage or as a work station can help you get organized and keep your living space clean.

Go Vertical

Skyscrapers that host lots of apartments in big cities originally developed to take advantage of vertical space when room on the ground became limited. You can do the same thing in your apartment by adding shelves to the walls for additional storage that doesn’t take up too much space. You can even use a wall-hung organizer to hang your shoes vertically to free up a bunch of floor space.

Get Rid of Your Mirror

A free standing full-length mirror can take up quite a bit of space, and in a bedroom where you have trouble finding space for all of your clothes and shoes, it might take up a valuable corner. By installing mirrored closet doors, you will be able to take advantage of wall space and free up some room. Even if it is only a couple feet, removing the mirror might allow you to add an additional small dresser.

Switch to Sliding Doors

If you want to make your apartment feel less cramped, then separating rooms with sliding door systems, rather than a single door, can be a good option. Though that might require a bit of work, sliding door systems allow you to create a more open feel when they are pulled to the side. Plus, you never have to worry about basing interior sliding doors into the TV, dresser, or anything else you have in your apartment.

Save Closet Space

Generally, closets are used to store clothes, clothes, and more clothes. But if you have a bunch of stuff you want to keep hidden from sight until you need it, then you can hang clothes from the ceiling virtually anywhere in your apartment. By simply hanging a beam, you can move clothes out of the close and free up valuable space.

It can be tough to prevent clutter in an apartment, especially if you have a bunch of stuff that you use often. However, by installing sliding door systems to change the layout of an apartment and using a number of other techniques, you can get organized and avoid getting too cramped. Helpful research also found here:

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