Fire Extinguisher Inspections a Crucial Part of Fire Safety

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A fire can be a terrifying thing – and it’s important to take precautions against it. We know we need smoke alarms, but have you given thought to include a fire extinguisher in your fire prevention arsenal? Owning a fire extinguisher and hiring a professional to perform fire extinguisher inspections can help protect you against the sometimes tragic damage a fire can do.

There are nearly 10,000 kitchen fires annually and over half of restaurant fires begin in the kitchen. It’s just a fact of life – sometimes we burn food. Unfortunately, sometimes burnt steak or stir fry can result in a dangerous situation. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared. If you have the necessary tools and training for situations like an unexpected kitchen fire, you can be better prepared to face them as head on and as safely as possible. Did you know that fire extinguishers were successful in extinguishing over 80% of fires in which they were utilized?

But it’s not as easy as buying a fire extinguisher and hoping that you’ll never need it. Fire extinguisher inspections are just as an important part of fire safety as owning one in the first place. Fire extinguisher services are crucial in owning a fire extinguisher. Sometimes, a fire extinguisher recharge might be necessary in a case where the fire extinguisher was utilized. Making sure your equipment is working right is an important part of fire protection.

Aside from fire extinguisher inspections, it’s important to have general fire extinguisher safety as well. For example, it’s important that the fire extinguisher be located no further than thirty feet from a cooking area. After all, you would want it close by if ever you had to use it.

Basic fire safety is also important. Though a fire extinguisher is important to have, it’s even better to never have a fire to deal with in the first place. For instance, it’s important to keep your kitchen space clean and remove ashes from wood and charcoal burning ovens frequently, at least once a day if not more. It’s also very important to store this ash outside, at least ten feet away from any combustible substances or materials.

Fire safety is hugely important. Fires can damage immensely, and cause millions in property damage to restaurants and businesses every year. Not only that, they threaten the safety of you and those around you. Be prepared, and stay up to date on your fire prevention tools. Just as it’s important to own a fire extinguisher, it’s important to perform fire extinguisher inspections. Both are crucial in stopping fires from causing devastation.