Expert Tips for Tearing Off Your Roof

If you’re looking to learn about how to tear off your roof — or are just curious about how your local roofer tackles the process — this is a great video for you. In this video, you can see a roof tear-off in action with explanations of the tools and techniques used by experts.

When looking to tear off and replace a roof, your local roofer will first asses the pitch of the roof and then determine how many layers of roofing material were put on. In the video, the roof they’re working on has two layers.

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Roof work is a team job. Your local roofer will likely have a crew of two to four members in order to optimize the flow of work. In the video, each roofer has their own job, so things are running smoothly with four people. Your local roofer will also have the right tools for the job.

Tearing off a roof is best done with a tool called a “duck butt,” which is a uniquely shaped shovel that helps pull up shingles with the nails or staples, too. The best method for removal is to have one person pulling up shingles, another stacking them, and another carrying stacks to the dumpster.


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