Do You Know How to Build a Suspended Concrete Slab

Great results for suspended concrete slabs start with proper framing. This video takes you through the step-by-step process of constructing a frame for suspended concrete slabs. Watch as the construction experts lay out the framing and props to ensure a perfectly level base for the concrete.

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Have you ever wondered how concrete decks and roofs are poured when there is no ground underneath? Above-ground concrete slabs are often used as patios, walkways, roofs, and more. They are an engineering marvel that anyone can build with the right skill set and knowledge base. This video answers the question. Framing is the first step in preparing an area for concrete including areas that are suspended above the ground.

The process is labor-intensive and requires the proper tools including “props” to hold the framing in place. This first video in a series of how-to videos for constructing a suspended concrete slab goes into detail about wood placement, tips and tricks to make the process easier, and how to ensure everything is level.

Watch this video to learn framing techniques that you can use to construct a suspended slab. These tips can also be applied to constructing any type of suspended framing.


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