Create a Comfortable Home Environment With Energy-Efficient Windows

High-quality, well-maintained windows usually have a lifespan of 20 or more years. This does, however, depend upon the materials from which they’re constructed. Since the Department of Energy reports that 45% of an average household’s energy bill is spent on heating, it makes sense to learn more about creating an energy-efficient home.

Window and Door Renovation Projects

A recent survey revealed that approximately 66% of homeowners are planning to renovate their homes. The National Association of Realtors indicated that when homeowners replace their windows, they will be able to receive a solid return on their investment. This can be 80%, which is substantial. Furthermore, the National Association of Home Builders 2012 Remodeling Market Index provided some interesting information on the types of renovation jobs that were completed that year. Window and/or door replacements accounted for 44% of all 2012 renovation jobs.

How to Reduce Energy Usage and Save on Utility Bills

There are a variety of steps that homeowners can take to reduce their energy usage and utility bills. Homes with drafty windows, for example, allow air to escape. During winter, this means an increase in heating usage and higher energy bills. Recent figures indicate that these increased costs can be between ten percent to 25%.

When drafty windows are replaced with their dual-paned counterparts, it can make a significant difference in retaining heat and air conditioning. This is because dual-paned windows are roughly twice as effective in accomplishing this task. Energy-efficient windows with low-E coatings are also recommended by experts in the field. The Efficient Windows Collaborative reported that households can save as much as 15% on their energy bills with these windows. This is keeping in mind that a house is 2,6000 square feet. There may, of course, be some variation with larger or smaller homes.

Weatherproofing or replacing drafty doors can also make a significant impact in this regard. When homes have attics, it’s important to ensure that they are well-insulated. If there are any cracks or holes throughout a home, these, too, should be addressed.

Learn More About Energy-Efficient Windows

When you live in an area of the country that experiences inclement weather, having energy-efficient windows installed can make a difference. In addition to reducing your energy usage and costs, these windows can assist you with creating a comfortable home environment throughput the year. Energy efficient windows Chicago, for example, can replace or install your windows. It’s important to note that energy efficient windows Chicago can provide you with different style options as well. In addition, energy efficient windows Chicago can provide you with information about Energy Star tax credits and other energy-saving tips.

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