Could an alternative to hardwood floors be the right path for your home?

Is your home in need of a new look or even new floors? Do you just not want to install the typical hardwood floors into your home to be just like everyone else? Or maybe you just want something with eco-friendly material that gives you all the benefits of a hardwood floor but with a fun and quirky twist. If you’re concerned about saving the environment and want something new and fun to install in your home as your brand new floor than perhaps finding out the benefits of bamboo flooring should be on our check list of things to do before you go and hire someone to install your typical floors. Bamboo is a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors and here are the reason it should be on your consideration list.

Floor sales in 2017 alone made it up to $21.990 billion dollars. With this amount of money invested by so many homeowners perhaps it is time to take a look at some alternatives to hardwood flooring and to figure out which eco-friendly material is the one that should be a part of your home. A few of the benefits of bamboo flooring are as follows:

Resistance to water

Bamboo is better when it comes to water, warping, and stains than hardwood flooring. While it is not completely fool proof and it still needs to be worried about and protected, it stains less easily. The strength of bamboo to deflect staining and other things that could hinder it and make you replace it are stronger than hardwoods and would benefit any homeowner to install instead. The benefits of bamboo flooring only begin with their resistance to water.

Different colors and styles

Bamboo flooring is available and customizable to the buyer. With several different types and possibilities, when picking out your bamboo hardwood flooring you can decide which would be best for your home and how you would like to style it. For the picky homeowner who’d like everything up to date and perfect it is bamboo flooring that could be the perfect setting for you. Don’t let someone else decide the way your floor should look when the options are right there waiting for you to be the one to decide.

Easy installation

For the discount bamboo flooring do-it-yourselfers a bamboo floor is right for you! These floors can be floated over an underlay, screwed or nailed down to a subfloor or even glued down to a subfloor. They do not require the upkeep or maintenance that a hardwood floor does and there is no additional upkeep that needs to be done when you put in a bamboo floor. Instead, with these simple and easy steps your floor can be down and walked upon in a matter of hours rather than having to wait the entire time of making sure the floor is treated and stained, sealed and everything else that a hardwood floor would have to be before you could even step a sock on it.

These bamboo floors are perfect for those who are easily allergic to mildew and mold. With floors that are easily resistant to these things you won’t have to concern yourself if your floor is the thing in your home making you sick. With less worry as to your allergies, you can focus on the important things like living your life to the fullest.

With these eco friendly flooring you’ll be happy with the turnout of your beautiful flooring once you choose to go green and see the other benefits of bamboo flooring. Make up your minds today and start picking out that perfect bamboo flooring for your home. Bamboo flooring manufactures are here to help you find the perfect one for your home, they might even have tips on how to install your flooring correctly. With color and pattern options along with their cleaner state there is no questions as to why you should choose bamboo flooring instead of hardwood. Good luck installing your flooring, enjoy it for years to come with it still looking as fresh and new as the day you placed it down.

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