Choose Curly Cherry Wood or Other Specialty Wood Products for Your Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to making products, energy efficiency is a significant concern. It’s interesting to note that wood is at the top of the list for energy-efficient materials. Products made out of aluminum, brick, cement, glass, or plastic actually utilize 126 times more energy to construct than wood. Since there continues to be an abundant supply of hardwood timber, it makes sense to utilize wood rather than other materials when possible.

The Hardwood Timber Supply

The USDA Forest Service reported that on an annual basis, there is more hardwood grown than harvested. Since 1953, there has even been a 119% increase in the volume of hardwood tree growth throughout the country’s forests. Furthermore, if hardwood trees ceased to grow, and harvesting them for lumber continued at the same rate as it does today, there would be enough hardwood for over 75 years.

The Use of Wood for New Home Constructions

Almost all, or 94% of new homes, are constructed with wood frames. On average, a single-family home has 13,000 board feet of lumber. Given the preference for wood floors rather than wall-to-wall carpeting, many homes may contain additional specialty wood products. Different varieties of hardwood can be used to construct decks and outdoor living spaces as well as bookcases and other types of indoor furnishings.

Contact a Representative for More Information

Both wood slabs and whole log lumber are available for a variety of interior and exterior home improvement projects. Whether you’re planning to build an entire home, install new flooring, or construct a series of cabinets, there are different woods from which to choose. Curly cherry wood, for example, may be at the top of your list for building cabinets or bookshelves. In addition to curly cherry wood, you may be searching for big leaf maple wood or white oak slabs.

Once you speak with a representative, you’ll be able to learn more about the different types of wood available for sale. At that time, you can also discuss your project list and receive recommendations for the best type of wood to use.

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