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  • The Big 3: Home Property Maintenance for Your HVAC, Plumbing, and Roof

    As a homeowner, you may put a lot of emphasis on home property maintenance. You may spend a lot of time focusing on maintaining the cosmetic features of your home, such as your furniture and your decor. However, are you also emphasizing the importance of maintaining your three big home fixtures? These three big home […]

  • How to Conduct Proper Lake House Maintenance

    Just like your home, your lake house also needs proper maintenance year-round. If you want it to look its absolute best, here are some lake house maintenance tips that will change your life! Have a Neighbor Check in Every Now and Then If you are leaving your lake house for the colder weather, ask a […]

  • When D-I-Y Costs Less Than P-R-O

    Despite what you may hear to the contrary, our modern society has a proliferation of homes in all types of colors, sizes, and arrangements. In fact, there are more well-built, modern, and comfortable homes now than there ever have been before in human history. Our antiquated ancestors never had access to an electric hot water […]

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