DIY Home Improvement Project Ideas of 7 Rooms of Your Home

Renovating your entire property can increase its value. While remodeling doesn’t come cheap, there are simple ways to improve your house without breaking the bank or depleting your funds. This article provides incredible home improvement ideas for seven rooms of your home. From the interior to the exterior and from the kitchen to the bathrooms, you can undertake these DIY projects to enhance your property. Let’s dive right in!

1. The Kitchen

Since the kitchen is often referred to as the center of the house, why not give your area extra decorative love? You don’t have to do a complete makeover to have a significant cosmetic impact. Nothing is more fulfilling than making something of your own, especially if you’re decorating your kitchen without the help of contractors.

Start by hanging plants. Every nook and cranny of the house has a spot for them. However, they will need a lovely vase. Therefore, using empty wine, beer, or milk bottles to make the vase of your choosing is the ideal solution. Vases can be adorned in various ways, such as by wrapping a thin piece of jute rope around them or hiding the labels outside the bottle with colorful tape.

Granite countertops are also something you can install yourself. It’s a fairly simple do-it-yourself project if your countertops are straight and have no interior edges. Although installing and cutting granite can be challenging, you’ll save a significant amount of money by doing it yourself.

Do you also want to modernize your kitchen’s lighting? You can drastically change the appearance of a busy kitchen and introduce several layers of brightness by carefully balancing the light in the room; and positioning task lighting between the cook’s head and the work surface for optimal outcomes. As the name implies, this lighting facilitates several chores, like cooking, chopping vegetables, and reading recipes. Additionally, you can use under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, and ornamental lighting to add some glitz and glamour to your kitchen without having to hire electrical contractors.

2. The Bathroom

It is entirely possible to DIY the bathroom of your dreams. Doing it yourself can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as labor costs account for between 40% and 65% of the project’s overall cost, according to Angi. Professional bathroom painting costs range from $380 to $800. Paint it yourself to save money.

To prevent additional mess, tackle the walls before installing the fixtures and cabinets. Most bathroom flooring choices are rather easy to install. Tile and hardwood flooring are popular bathroom flooring materials that homeowners often hire a floor installation company to install. Still, with a little perseverance and practice, do-it-yourselfers can lay flooring themselves.

It is also possible to save hundreds of dollars by installing your toilet. The good news is that most commode installations don’t require much experience. This is a project that even novice do-it-yourselfers can finish if the plumbing is already installed. You can also install your new bathroom sink without a professional’s assistance if you aren’t relocating the location of your existing sink. Just confirm that a supply and drain pipe are already installed.

It is possible to accommodate a toilet and sink in an 11-square-foot space while adhering to national construction requirements. However, choose a space 3 to 4 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet long for comfort. See your local codes for additional needs, and review the measurements and clearance specifications.

3. The Garage

You should consider your garage when planning a major interior design renovation. It’s roomy and essentially a blank slate, so try out any contemporary garage ideas that would completely change it. A dependable door is the first step toward a secure and functional garage. You might need a garage door replacement due to wear and tear or want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient and secure mode.

Next, add some lighting. Track lights are a modern alternative to hanging shop lights or standard fluorescent lighting for your garage. Not only do track lights have a killer aesthetic, but you can move the tiny spotlights around to light up the areas that require the most illumination.

Set aside an area for your hobby. If you love riding and have a bike you got from a local Indian motorcycle shop, it includes maintenance, repairs, and a personalization section for your cherished bicycle. Remember to add industrial cabinets in a striking color that reaches the ceiling. When it comes to really functional garage decor, industrial cabinets are the most powerful option. Since most have modular designs, you can stack, organize, or display the individual garage storage systems any way you choose.

Additionally, giving your garage floor some love can significantly enhance the result. A contemporary makeover of the garage floor entails epoxy paint, tile, and a few days without foot activity. Before you know it, the restoration won’t be different from one done by pro epoxy flooring companies. Your floor will be highly resilient to spills, stains, and heavy use.

4. The Living Room

The living room is typically the center of social activity in a home. That encourages you even more to work harder and makes it truly exceptional. Regardless of your budget or inclination toward do-it-yourself projects, there are many surprisingly sophisticated, easy projects for your living room.

First, install a wooden feature wall in the architectural style. It’s a surprisingly good approach to updating a living room’s architectural style! A wooden wall may bring texture and design to a room and be an instant focal point. Alternatively, try painting or using wallpaper as a focal wall for a more traditional look. This is the ideal do-it-yourself project to renovate your living room on a more affordable budget.

If you want to add extra light, consider adding new windows. According to Window and Door Magazine, new windows recoup 70% to 75% of their initial cost. You can use custom shutters as a flexible window decoration to improve your living room’s appearance and use. Collaborate with a custom shutter company to ensure that your window treatments are manufactured exactly according to your specifications. Custom shutters give your area a sophisticated touch while letting you manage the light and seclusion.

Weathertight windows can help you save energy and money, and you don’t need to call a window replacement company. When bringing the feeling of home into your living room, nothing beats natural light through your windows. Additionally, the color scheme of your living room should convey the feelings you hope to evoke there. Since you will be spending a lot of time in this room, it is crucial to get it right.

5. Dining Room

You can DIY a dining room makeover that is budget-friendly and stylish. Make a few small changes to your dining table to make it a place you’ll want to spend time at. If the dining room has turned into a cluttered space for random documents and other objects, begin by thoroughly organizing everything. It won’t break the bank, and you might be shocked at how much of a difference it makes. Use this time to get rid of any decor pieces you’ve grown weary of.

After cleaning and organizing, decorate your home by painting worn-out wooden dining chairs, framing pressed flowers from your garden to place on the wall, or shopping about and bringing in items from other rooms, such as a potted plant. A rug beneath the table can significantly change the look of your dining space. It helps shield the floor from spills and chairs and adds color and texture. To ensure that you are satisfied with the size and material, select the dining table rug that best suits your needs.

Don’t forget to use a unique light fixture to illuminate the area. The lighting fittings can alter the dining table’s entire appearance. Pick a lamp in whatever style you like to accentuate your dining table.

Vases are a simple do-it-yourself dining table accent. Gather a few vases and place them on the table. You can either fill them with flowers or plants or just leave them empty. Even better, you might paint some inexpensive vases to give them a different appearance.

6. Basement

An amazing method to increase the amount of usable square footage in your house is to turn an unfinished basement into a functional living area! DIY projects can make all the difference in your basement and make it a space that your family uses every day. Before you buy insulation and frame walls for your basement remodeling, get your basement ready for the investment by clearing it out and ensuring there are no active leaks. An excellent place to start is with a moisture test.

Before beginning any DIY home ideas for the basement, ensure the foundation is solid. DIY basement foundation repairs entail starting with crack repair and sealing. There are various methods to address a wet basement, including adding a dehumidifier, a sump pump, or waterproofing the entire space. The severity of the issue will determine your course of action. Bob Vila estimates you should budget between $2,300 and $7,575 to waterproof the basement.

It’s time to decorate now that everything is ready. The good news is that remodeling your basement’s interior doesn’t have to break the bank. For maximum impact on a limited budget, consider hanging some of your favorite works so your basement may double as a private gallery. You may arrange your basement and add much-needed storage space by installing wood cabinets. Use them to build up a little bar or entertainment area or store seasonal products and tools.

Consider brilliant and bright lighting. Your ambition is to open your at-home exercise facility, furnished with free weights, a rowing machine, and a ballet barre. Or you may require a home office or an additional bedroom. Steer clear of dark fixtures and hues at all costs. Everyone is reluctant to enter what seems like a dungeon. Luckily, achieving a light and airy atmosphere isn’t difficult, even in a room that had dark wall paneling and little to no natural light sources before. All you need to do is choose lighter flooring, paint colors, and lots of, well, lighting.

7. Pantry

Although it may not seem like the most private space, your pantry offers a glimpse into your everyday life that few other places can match. Your home reflects how you live there, from the necessities you always keep on hand to the hidden delicacies you save for special occasions and the utensils you gather to keep everything organized. That’s the reason a prefabricated system might not always work for you and why you might need to DIY pantry organization.

Start by adding shelves that work for you. Install pull-out shelves to maximize your extremely deep and narrow storage space so you don’t end up with items hidden behind a drawer. Next, print your jar labels. The book’s easiest pantry organization project, which is to transfer dried items into standardized, transparent jars and name them consistently, makes a significant impact.

Go fuss-free with containers. Using containers that can hold all you need to contain is ideal when storage is a priority. Want an even simpler labeling system? Purchase a chalk pen, then write on anything: painter’s tape, jars, etc. You can easily erase and rewrite if you decide to make changes later. Remember to skirt the pipes. Unattractive plumbing or extravagant purchases do not have to ruin your well-organized pantry. A basic fabric curtain has both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Cookware storage is another option. Not only can pantries be used to store food, but they can also accommodate serving trays and kitchenware. Remodel your pantry to serve as a place to store extra food and cooking utensils. You can organize it to house everything kitchen-related, including excess storage for appliances not in regular use, back stock, and large serving pieces.

In conclusion, use these low-cost DIY house ideas to spruce up your living spaces and unleash your creative side. You can improve the look and functionality of your home with custom kitchen designs, living room makeovers, garage additions, and basement renovations. If you gather your equipment and find some inspiration, you can start working on your DIY house ideas right away!

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