Awesome Wooden Plantation Shutters are Far More Than Armor for Your Home

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Q: “What do you call a broken window?”
A: “A pain in the glass!”

Whether that joke made you guffaw or not, broken windows are a problem that virtually every homeowner has to deal with at some point. Whether a stick go dislodged from a tree during a windstorm or kids playing ball in the yard got a bit out of hand, fixing broken windows is certainly a pain and can be expensive. So when thinking about upgrading window treatments, wooden plantation shutters might be the best option. They are strong enough to provide a bit of protection against weather and shenanigans alike. However, that is hardly the only or best reason to invest in exterior plantation shutters.

Choosing exterior plantation shutters rather than, say, interior treatments like standard window blinds, is the perfect choice if you want to upgrade the aesthetic of your home and increase curb appeal. Plantation shutters are usually custom-built and can be tweaked and altered to fit almost every design plan. They can be given a unique color and style for a modern look or stained and built squarely for a traditional and functional look. Regardless of what you might be trying to accomplish, customizable plantation shutters can always be made to fit.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, exterior plantation shutters can actually have a big influence on the inside of your home as well. Because they can be opened wide or shut tight, they are perfect for controlling light. If you want an afternoon nap, they can be closed to keep the sun out but if you want to let in natural sunlight while you work from home, they can be opened with just the turn of a handle. That flexibility makes them a perfect choice if you want your living room or bedroom to serve multiple purposes.

When it comes to investing in home upgrades, particularly window treatments, durability and longevity are always important, especially when you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Wooden shutters can last for decades without showing signs of wear, especially if they are properly maintained. And neither rain, snow, or the blinding sun can wear them down easily. As a result, they tend to be the best option if you don’t want to invest in window treatments more than once in a short amount of time.

Window treatments are an important component of every exterior renovation. Finding the right ones can help protect them from damage, but you’ll want to think about much more than that when trying to find the best option. Because of their flexibility and the number of benefits that they provide, wooden plantation shutters will always be a great choice. Read this for more:

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