An Look Into Building a Pole Barn With a Pole Building Kit

The video shows us why a barn on a farm is necessary. Farm animals delivering babies and protection from inclement weather make barns necessary. The couple in the video tell us all about building a barn with a pole building kit.

The video couple had their pole barn professionally done, but they put up the walls themselves. How do you put up a pole barn from scratch?

  • 1. Prep the area. If you have to cut down trees, do it.

    Video Source

    Level the ground. Use string and stakes to put your design onto the land.

  • 2. Dig post holes. Dig them three to five feet deep. Level off the poles and pour prepared concrete into the holes to support the poles.
  • 3. Apply the roof support beams and put on the trusses. Add any additional support now.
  • 4. Build the siding onto the frame, leaving spaces for doors and windows.
  • 5. Build your roof onto the frame.
  • 6. Put in the doors and windows.

While the video couple make it look easy, every pole building kit comes with instructions. The company almost always offers detailed videos, much like this one, to help you build your pole barn.


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