All You Need to Know About Air Cleaning Paint

Most people spend a significant percentage of their time indoors in the U.S. The percentage could go as high as 90%. Although there is nothing wrong with spending time indoors, the rate of air pollution is worrying. Contrary to what many people would assume, indoor pollution is more rampant than outdoor pollution.

What Pollutes the Air

Everyone would be quick to defend themselves and say that their levels of hygiene are unmatched. However, the things we can barely do without in our homes end up releasing pollutants to the air in our homes and offices. The answer is within. It is the VOCs that are in the buildings we spend time in, as well as pollutants from the things we bring inside. Items like old furniture as well as popular products such as air fresheners release pollutants gradually. The contaminants build-up, over time, reaching toxic levels.

Some activities, such as smoking, and using substandard stoves, also expose us to the dangers of indoor pollution.

How to Purify the Air

Indoor pollution has been ranked as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. On that note, we all need to embrace air cleaning paint and other ways of cleaning the air. There are various ways we can approach the indoor pollution menace. These include:

1. Eco-Friendly Glue

Almost every household and office has glue. For a very long time, adhesives used to make a range of products such as plywood were known to contain carcinogenic chemicals. However, the invention of eco-friendly glue has changed the narrative. The adhesive is made using renewable resources, posing no risk to public health.

2. VOC Free Paint

If someone opened a can of new paint, you are likely to detect it even while facing the opposite direction. Paints are characterized by a distinctive smell, which is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are unstable, releasing gases to the environment, which are harmful.

In the market today, there exists VOC free paints. These paints don’t have a trace of volatile organic compounds, hence guaranteeing a low odor paint.

3. Eco-Friendly Polyurethane Clear Coat

A clear coat will give your floors an elegant finish. However, you should be careful to choose an eco-friendly product to ensure that neither you nor your family gets exposed to pollutants. Traditional polyurethane clear coats contain fumes, unlike the new day eco-friendly polyurethane clear coats. Besides, being fit for human health, they give your floor a gloss finish.

4. Gloss Varnish

Many polyurethanes have an odor that is known to cause discomfort to users. Some people experience headaches and respiratory problems. However, switching to a gloss varnish could be the best solution. The varnish is perfect for people with a range of chemical sensitivities.

5. Organic Concrete Sealer

Sealing your concrete is a crucial step in any construction. Since concrete is porous,leaving it unsealed could get it damaged by factors such as oil, fluids, and other chemicals. However, sealing ensures that your concrete does not absorb anything, keeping it intact. Many construction materials contain a lot of air pollutants, and concrete sealers are not an exception. To prevent tragedy, pick an organic concrete sealer that won’t release any harmful gases.

6. Eco-Friendly Nursery Paint

The same way you are diligent in clinic visits, choose the baby’s nursery paint carefully. Ensure that the paint contains zero volatile organic compounds. An air cleaning paint can serve as the best alternative. You can seek more information from your vendor about air cleaning paint.

You can also go for the paint that does not require a primer. Since using a primer means more chemicals, not using one translates to a better option. Avoid painting the room yourself while pregnant to avoid putting your health on the line.

Zero VOC Primer

For any painting project to be successful, it is advisable to undercoat your surface with a primer. Besides sealing any pores, it forms an even base to apply your paint. The primer comes in handy, whether you are painting walls, furniture, or any other surface.

Next time you are shopping for a primer, make sure that your pick is a zero VOC primer. Every time you go to the market, ensure that you check whether there is an alternative product that focuses on health. You should always prioritize air cleaning paint.

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