5 Times You Should Call A Plumber

Making sure your plumbing is maintained and well taken care of is one of the many responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. However, many people may not realize when plumbing services are needed, which can lead to plumbing emergencies. While there are numerous times and reasons to contact a plumber, be sure to make the call for these five situations.

A Rapid Leak

It is likely you will experience a line leak at some point, but rapid leaks cause the most damage. They usually lead to major flooding in the area surrounding the leak. These are not as common as minor leaks, but you should still make sure to keep an eye out. Make sure to cut off the water valve first to avoid any more damage, then make the call to a plumber. An emergency plumbing company might be necessary.

No Water

Having no water in your house is another instance in which you should call an emergency plumbing company immediately. However, this type of problem is usually restricted to one area, such as a bathroom, and not the entirety of the house. Depending on what caused the water to stop flowing, you may have a huge issue on your hand that will require immediate interference through plumbing services.

Drainage Line Leak

Line leaks are also something you are likely to experience at one point, and some leaks are more serious than others. While some of these leaks are present under kitchen counters, they can also occur in lines trapped behind walls or under floorboards. These hard to reach leaks are more difficult to handle on your own, so seeking plumbing help may be the best idea.

Sewer Line Leak

Sewer lines can become blocked and even broken, and often lead to bad odors, sinks filling with wastewater, and wet soil in your yard. With a sewer line out of commission, nearly every other activity in your home will be put on pause until it is fixed. Calling an emergency plumbing service as soon as the problem is detected will allow it to be taken care of sooner.

Water Heater Gas Leak

Natural gas present in your home could be caused by a number of easy-to-handle reasons, but it may also be from your water heater. Water heaters are not supposed to emit any natural gas, so if that is the cause then there may be a serious problem. This can be harmful, so be sure to open up the windows after getting in touch with an emergency plumbing company.

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