5 Common AC Problems

Most people could avoid any problems with their HVAC if they knew how to perform home AC repair. That’s why you should know some common issues. The Youtube video “Top 5 AC Problems and How to Fix Them” shows exactly what you need to look out for and what to do when something goes wrong. Let’s find out more!
One of the main issues people experience when their AC fails is a bad capacitor, which is easy to spot.

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Most of the time, the fan inside the house is working correctly, but there’s no cool air. The unit outside won’t work at all. You might also notice the unit buzzing every 30 minutes or so as if it’s trying to turn on. However, that’s impossible with a bad capacitor.
There’s also another way to tell that the capacitor is failing, and it involves the compressor. In this case, both the fan and the unit outside might be working, but there’s no cool air. That’s normally a compressor problem. Additionally, you’ll hear a strange, continuous buzzing because the fan outside is working, but the compressor is not. If this is happening, you’ll most likely have to replace the capacitor, and your AC should be up and running again.
You can check the rest of the video for more details about home AC repair.

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