3 Upgrades to Your Kitchen for 2016

Custom kitchen cabinet design

Did you know that about 7.6 million homeowners in the U.S. will remodel their kitchen this year? If that statistic will include yourself, you?re likely wondering exactly what sort of changes you should be making. Kitchens are a popular remodel project for a few reasons. For one, kitchens are often a determining factor in not only whether a homeowner will purchase a house, but also in affecting how much they are willing to pay. Even minor kitchen remodelings are known for having a fairly high return on investment, or ROI (typically upward of 70%).

And of course, while you?re still living in your home, it?s a high traffic area that?s in frequent use. No one likes looking at and working with at old, peeling counters for half the day. If you?re looking for a new kitchen design, here?s a few things you?re going to want to keep in mind.

When You?re Getting a Custom Cabinetry Design Done?

You may have thought about refacing your cabinetry, only to realize that the cabinets are too water damaged or simply in poor shape. You?re going to want to invest in high quality cabinetry because of how much these cabinets have to go through. They should be able to withstand heat, humidity, and common food spills without experiencing discoloration. If you have children, don?t opt for glossy surfaces, or you?ll be seeing fingerprints everywhere. For 2016, consider opening some of your cabinet spaces up, as well — showcasing your bowls and places can sometimes add nice visual weight to the room.

Upgrade Your Appliances

One of the first things homeowners consider about the kitchen is how old the appliances are. Stainless steel, by the way, is very in — and has been for several years. One benefit of upgrading is that you can choose designs and appliances that are very water efficient compared to the devices of 20 or so years ago. Not only is this better for the environment — but it?s better for your energy bill, as well!

Everyone Wants Space in Their Kitchen Designs

Designers these days are focusing on creating more space in kitchens. Why? No one wants to feel like they can?t move around a kitchen without bumping into other people, chairs, countertops, etc. For some redesigns, this might mean removing a kitchen island if it no longer seems to serve a function. For other homes, this may simply mean reconfiguring where the kitchen table goes in this space (or opting for a smaller table that?s a better fit for your family size, anyway).

What sort of features are you looking for in your custom kitchen design this year? Let us know! We recommend more space, better appliances, and an emphasis on custom cabinetry. Learn more about this topic here.

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