3 Essential Consideration of an Effective Condo Renovation

Home remodeling, whether it’s a single-detached house or a condo unit often achieve comparable results, but the processes vary. Condo remodeling, in particular, can be a complex project especially with factors such as permits, project design, limitation, and budget. To avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure your project runs effectively, here are some essentials to keep in mind.

1.Condo Renovation and HOA Permission
Every city and town has it’s own building codes and for condo housing, there is the governing body that oversees all the aspects of the association. Before planning a condo remodeling, it’s crucial you go through the Homeowners’ Association Board policies. Understand what each policy demands and the specifics of every renovation project.

The policies may contain details about the days and times when renovation can be done, how it should be conducted, the date when the project is expected to end and so on. Some of the repairs that require HOA approval include interior and exterior walls, ceiling, flooring, electrical, plumbing and anything work done on house structure.

2.Understand your target
Once you understand what your board requires, you have to define what the remodeling is aiming to achieve. Are you renovating to enhance the value of your property or you’re simply improving the look for personal enjoyment? While it’s possible to achieve both, you need to give one a priority.

If you’re planning to stay in a particular condo for long, then you may consider upgrading the space with items you can take with you, such as furniture and lighting fixtures. But when you are looking to increase your resale value, you most likely reap more by focusing on some of the key areas in a house. These include things like ceiling, flooring, tiling, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and overall finishing.

3.Know your project limitations
You may have a nice condo remodeling idea, but if you aren’t familiar with your limits you may end up with a stalled project. The reason why condo remodeling is often a complex project is due to the tight spaces condos normally have. Some have odd angled walls that make the entire renovation a nightmare, especially when looking to open up new spaces. Therefore, it’ll help if you know which walls can and cannot be removed.

Home repairs and remodeling is a sure way of making you fall in love with your house all over again, without necessarily spending on a new house. Make sure you also work with professionals who’ll understand the industry best practices.

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