February 23, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Residential Radon Testing

Are you looking for a radon mitigation company? If you aren’t specifically searching for one, you might actually be asking yourself, “What in the Lord’s green tarnation is a radon mitigation company?” This is not surprise. Most people aren’t aware of the risk that radon poses to the human body, and so have no idea […]

Are You in Need of New HVAC System?

It was a rough transition. After six days away vacationing at a luxury house rental on the beach, you were already not looking forward to your return to the midwest. And while the temperature back home skyrocketed into the low 70s one of the days you were gone, the forecast indicated that you were coming […]

The Dangers of Radon and What You Can Do

In 1987, a little movie came out that picked up a small following and, over the last thirty years, has taken over the hearts of millions. The movie is called “The Princess Bride” and in one scene, a smaller villain challenges the hero to a battle of wits. The battle centers around a deadly powder […]

Do You Need to Rent a Residential Generator?

Your son’s fascination for how electrical generators work began when he would spend time in the workshop with his grandfather. In this crowded workspace that was full of gadgets, spare parts, and half started projects, your son quickly surmised that the three different electric generators were the most used items. The smallest one would be […]

The Perfect Poolside Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Everyone wants to have a nice place to relax, unwind, and have fun. In the summer and the warmer months of spring and fall, it is also nice to have a place to keep cool. Not everyone has the space or money for a home pool, and most neighborhoods and communities have options, such as […]

The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Leave Plumbing To The Professionals

A clogged toilet is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. For one thing, it’s frankly disgusting — and puts something that everyone in the household needs out of commission, which is a major inconvenience. For another, however, it’s embarrassing. Although plumbers are professionals and deal with clogged toilets on a regular basis, lots of homeowners don’t call […]