Your lawnmower Repair Made Easy Right In Your Own Backyard

It is the middle of summer and suddenly your lawnmower breaks down. The grass is growing high around your yard but you’re supposed to be leaving for a vacation in just a couple of days. The last thing you want to do is drop a fortune on a bran new lawnmower. Perhaps before you take away from your vacation fund it is time to simply find replacement lawnmower parts and repair your lawnmower yourself. This will save you the time and the energy of shopping for a new mower before you leave on your own personal adventures. Considering that 85 million households within the United States have lawnmowers there has to be a trick to replacement parts without having to buy yourself a whole new system. Here’s the key to replacing your Dixie chopper PTO switch.

What is a PTO clutch?

Your PTO clutch in your lawnmower is better called the power take off. This is the pulley that sends the power from the engine to the blade. The PTO clutch that is cut by a machine and carefully housed. This pulley sits within the bracing and allows it to spin on a vertical axle right in the center of the pulley. This all is the groundwork you’re going to need when you replace your Dixie chopper PTO switch.

Now it is time to begin.

First identify your PTO switch. Then, using a small screwdriver, carefully and gently lift the switch panel. Pushing the locking tabs on either side of the original switch should release it. Due to the fact that you are replacing this PTO switch it is okay if you harm it or break it, in fact many cases allow only for the PTO switch to be broken in order for it to be removed from your mower. Now, carefully replace the old switch with the new switch. This should be done very carefully in order to not damage the new switch. Snap the pieces back into place and your Dixie chopper PTO switch should be back in working order for you to use.

Look at that! You did it all by yourself and did not even have to cancel your vacation. While replacement may not be for everyone, there are individuals who just feel more accomplished when they are in full charge and can handle their home projects on their own.

Many people decide to allow others to take care of their lawn care. In the United States alone we see $77 billion in revenue for landscapers who take care of other peoples lawns for them. 90% of individuals believe that taking keeping their yards well maintained is imperative to keep their homes in good condition and 83% of people believe that having a yard at all is important. With so much focus put on our yards and what is important to us about them this must mean that it is also important to know how to care for the objects that we use to care for our lawns as well.

So the next time you have a problem figuring out how to care for your lawn power or replacing your Dixie chopper PTO switch, just remember that you can handle replacement of these items, this is not the type of thing that needs to send you out to buy an entirely new lawnmower.

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