What You Can See With an Inspection Drone

In the video above, the reporter demonstrates the use of an inspection drone. The drone that was used in this demonstration allowed the reporter to capture photos and videos without the need to physically walk on the roof. The use of a drone ensures safety and avoids potential damage to the property as well, providing a comprehensive and non-intrusive inspection method.

This video identifies two types of roofs – a gable roof with asphalt shingles and a flat roll roofing material. The reporter includes a detailed description of the roof covering materials and highlights any observed indications of active roof leaks.

Video Source

Next, it is noted that the asphalt shingle roof shows signs of aging, granule loss, and widespread blistering, potentially shortening its service life. In contrast, the flat roll roofing material appears to be in good shape, with minor surface damage.

Furthermore, the reporter emphasizes that the client now has comprehensive information to make informed decisions about the roof’s condition. Further evaluation by a professional roofer is recommended, considering the age, granule loss, and blistering observed during the drone inspection. The report, accompanied by drone video and inspection images, aims to provide a thorough assessment of the roof’s state to assist the client in making smart decisions about potential repairs in the future.


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