Understanding The Effectiveness of Purging Equipment for Welding

Many people do not know a whole lot about welding. Welding is actually a very interesting process, and it takes quite a bit of skill to be able to do it properly. It involves the use of equipment to join together two pieces of metal. In some cases, the pieces of metal are made of the same material; in others, the welder is joining together two different types of metal. In any case, if you need a welding job done, you want to find someone who is very good at it, so that you have the project done to your satisfaction. It might be a good idea to get in touch with industrial welding services if you need this kind of work done, as these people know a lot about welding.

If you want to learn all about welding yourself, you have a variety of options. You can look into college welding classes or fabrication welding schools that can teach you a lot about welding and how to develop this skill. Whether you want to do this just for your own artistic purposes or to be able to do welding work for others, it is definitely a worthy way to spend your time.

Non sparking hand tools

Creating an ideal welding environment is crucial, especially when dealing with certain types of metals like duplex, titanium, stainless steel among other corrosion resistant metals. If proper welding conditions are not present, the internal weld seam is exposed to heat and air, causing oxidation, which adversely affects the quality of the weld.

To inhibit oxidation from happening and ensuring a perfect welding environment, purging equipment are introduced to remove oxygen in the process and replacing it with inert shielding gas. There are various purging equipment for welding. One of them is pipe weld purging systems, which are an excellent purging tool that features additional gas inlets and exhausts to sustain the flow rates of purging gases.

If you are looking for a purge equipment for your welding project, here are two common systems you need to know.

Purge Bag System
Pipe purge bag systems are perhaps the most widely used inflatable purge bag method. They are not only easy to use, but also effective in ensuring a very rapid weld. This system significantly reduces purging times by up to 2 minutes for smaller pipe diameters. For 4″ diameter pipes, it takes approximately 1.5 minutes while 12″ diameters can take about 8 minutes.

Also, the system is ready to use, and it even allows you to choose any flow rate up to 20I a min. Unlike traditional purge equipment that used more inert gases, purge bag systems minimize the volume of gas used.

Purge Monitors
Another common purging equipment for welding is a purge monitor. As earlier discussed, metal active gas welding requires an oxygen-free environment during the welding process. Before this process commences, the remaining oxygen levels must be kept to a required minimum. Thus the need for a purge monitoring equipment. It’s a specialized tool designed to measure oxygen concentration within the purging system. A typical oxygen concentration level is between 0.01 to 0.1%, which offers the perfect welding conditions to produce oxygen-free seams. However, such oxygen range is not ideal to weld metals such as zirconium, titanium, and others with similar metal properties.

This monitor can be used to either to analyze oxygen concentration during the welding process or periodically collect samples. With this device, quality checks and control measures are highly simplified. When choosing a purge monitor, ensure that it’s able to function with other purge systems to avoid oxidation issues, though there are other specific ones like argon purge monitor.

Ultimately, you want a purge system that creates a conducive welding environment to ensure a clean, consistent, high-quality welds. A system that also minimizes the usage of purge gas and significantly reduce the labor costs. When looking to invest in a purging equipment for welding, consider doing some search on various manufacturers to find the right equipment. Customer reviews can also help you make an informed purchase decision.

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