Spring Is Here Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With An Air Conditioning Repair Service

The weather is finally picking up. This means flowers blooming, the sun shining…and a lot of sleepless nights because of your muggy air conditioner.

Instead of just giving in to the inevitable, take a minute to consider what air conditioning repair services can do to make your home more comfortable. While most American homes have air conditioners in place, too many people are dealing with systems that are mediocre at best and actively making their utility bill higher at worst. HVAC services are more affordable in the long-term and will do wonders for clearing out your home’s air, providing consistent comfort throughout the hot season and even reducing your allergies.

Sound like a lot of benefits? The positives are only beginning.

Did You Know?

Air conditioners are commonplace. Air conditioners that provide a happy balance between consistent quality and low cost? A little less so. Studies have shown over 80% of all homes in the United States have some sort of air conditioning system in place, but only 40% of homeowners call a professional to perform routine maintenance. This means a lot of homes with poor air quality and high utility bill, the last thing you need when the weather finally starts showing its better colors. This is where an air conditioning company comes in.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, indoor air quality is actually much worse than outdoor air quality. While you have to deal with car exhaust and plenty of pollen outside, your house is home to all sorts of harmful contaminants that can have a negative impact on your health. Recent studies have estimated indoor air pollution to be up to three times worse than the outdoors, particularly if you have a lackluster air conditioning system. Not only is your HVAC supposed to keep you cool, it’s also supposed to clear out dust, chemical, dirt, pollen and dander.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

What’s even worse than an air conditioner that doesn’t cool you off in the middle of a sweltering summer? A utility bill that spikes no matter what you do. It’s thought as much as 5% of all the electricity produced in the United States is from residential air conditioning, costing a collective $11 billion to homeowners year in and year out. In fact, the country consumes more energy for air conditioning than the rest of the world combined. When yours is too high, air conditioning repair is a must-have.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your System

All heating and cooling systems have a lifespan. There just comes a point where you need to forgo the repair and reach for an installation. The only way to know this for sure, however, is to ask an AC repair professional. Those who regularly schedule appointments have air conditioners that last 40% longer than the average A/C lifespan, which is 10 to 12 years, depending. Today the average family spends around $2,000 on energy bills. If that doesn’t sound like quite your thing, a quick patch-up is just a call away. Air conditioning repair services can add a few extra years to your system with little trouble.

When To Call Air Conditioning Repair Services

There are a few signs you should keep an eye out for this spring and summer to keep you in the green. If your air conditioner makes strange noises every time you turn it on, such as clanking or chugging, it’s possible you have an inner problem that can only be addressed by a professional. Your air conditioner also shouldn’t be kicking up dust or releasing a funny smell whenever it’s used. Last, but not least, an older air conditioner is going to need more regular maintenance. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to air conditioning repair services once in a while to make sure.

Enjoy spring and summer the right way. Make sure you’re finding air conditioner repair services that can keep your system going strong.

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