Plumbing Top Out

This video is a perfect blend of all the details you need to know about plumbing top out. Watch to learn more.
After the rough while installing the pipes has been completed under the floor, the piping is installed at the top, in a process known as plumbing top out.

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Top-out plumbing refers to the plumbing added after groundwork and before final construction. It’s possible the name comes from the roof vents.
The plumbing top-out stage happens during the construction of a home’s frame. In most new construction projects, the plumbing process is divided into three parts. Prior to the foundation being laid, the plumbers will do plumbing rough, plumbing topout, and plumbing trim to complete the installation (installing fixtures).
The term “top-out” refers to the plumbing that has been placed after the foundation has been laid but before the project has been completed. I believe the moniker comes from the fact that there are roof-mounted vents.
There are a few tasks that must be completed in the final stages of a new construction project’s plumbing installation that are described in the plumbing top-out checklist. This video is meant to serve as a comprehensive guide for all parts of the top-out procedure, including plumbing work. All permissions and plans should also be checked off this checklist.

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