Planning a Military Move

Full dity move 2011

If you are planning a military move, there are generally two different options. First, the traditional military move is always up for consideration. This type of military move, of course, involves other armed forces personnel handling the packing, unpacking, transportation, and loading and unloading duties in total. While this type of military move has its obvious advantages, it should be noted that the do it yourself military move has some allurements of its own.

Specifically, a military move in which the family to be move handles all of the considerations on their own comes with a fixed-rate reimbursement check once the move is completed. The amount of the reimbursement check for a do it yourself military move can be quite substantial, depending on the rank of the enlisted family member and distance traveled. If you opt for a do it yourself, or DITY, military move of this nature, the difference between the amount you paid to transport your things to your new base assignment and the amount left over from the reimbursement check is yours to keep.

For best results, find an up to date DITY military move calculator online, and enter the necessary information to find out how much you can expect to be reimbursed for your moving expenses. From there, do a bit of research into how much it might cost to transport your things to your new destination, and determine if the difference is worth it to you in the end. If indeed this is so, go ahead and make the necessary arrangements for a DITY military move as soon as possible with the proper personnel. From there, make sure to reserve the products and services you will need as soon as possible to facilitate your move, and you should be all set!