How to Create Curb Appeal Landscaping Shell and Other Garden Design Tips

What is crushed concrete made from

Since you’re planning to landscape your yard or start a garden, you may be looking for a few ideas. Whether you’re landscaping prior to selling your home or to enjoy for years to come, you may be aware that this can raise your home’s resale value by 14%. Furthermore, when you spend just five percent of your home’s value on landscaping, you may be able to receive a return on your investment as high as 150%.

If your yard tends to sprout weeds, a one-inch layer of small rocks can help you control them. You may also want to use landscaping shell to line your walkways. Landscaping shell can also be used as part of an overall design. You can intersperse larger sea shells, for example, along with marbles and sea glass to provide a contrast to the smaller shells.

Are you thinking about planting a few trees around your home? If so, then It’s important to know that these will need to be circled by mulch. In general, you’ll need to create a circle of mulch that’s between three to four feet in diameter. Since there are two types of mulch, organic and inorganic, you may want to discuss which is best for the type of trees you want to plant with your local landscaping supply store.

Whether you’re planing to create raised beds or grow your plants in pots or wooden tubs, it’s important to make sure the soil you have is and remains healthy. In order to make sure that your soil is healthy, it’s important to test it on a regular basis. While many people will do this by sight and feel, there are test kits that you can purchase as well.

When your soil is healthy, it will contain these components and percentages:

  • Minerals: 45%
  • Water: 25%
  • Air: 25%
  • Organic matter: 5%

    • When it comes to choosing the right type of soil, your local landscaping supply store will tell you that this is determined by its fertility and texture. Given this, what you plan to plant in your yard or garden may require different types of soil, which may usually include both potting soil and topsoil.

      While it does depend on the types of plants that you’ll have in your yard, many will require a specific pH level. When you measure the soil’s pH level, the purpose is to determine whether it is more acidic or alkaline. The scale ranges from 1.0 to 14.0, where 7.0 is neutral. Since many plants need a pH level of 6.2 to 6.8, you’ll want to find out whether any of the plants you want require this level.

      When you need landscaping shell, potting soil, or other types of soil to complete your landscaping project, you can ask your local supply store for more information on these and other products. Once your landscaping project is complete, you can sit back and enjoy what you’ve created.

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