February 23, 2020

How Can an Irrigation System Benefit Your Lawn?

Do you currently water your lawn by hand? Nearly 50% of water is wasted through evaporation or runoff when you do so. This is especially true when it is noted that back and front lawns in the United States collectively have almost 21 million acres of green grass. That is a lot of grass that needs water in order to stay lush and green. The best way to keep your lawn in great condition is with water-smart irrigation systems. Irrigation systems have many benefits including reducing the amount of water you use. Conserving your resources automatically reduces costs. Get ready to reduce water output while still keeping your lawn in great condition using water-smart irrigation systems provided by a top landscaping company.

High Quality Irrigations Systems Save Time and Water

When you consider that you can set water-smart irrigation systems to water weekly, or daily it is easy to see how this type of system can save you both time, money and water. Time them to work during specific hours during the night or day, whichever will preserve more water. They can also be timed to shut-off automatically when the process of watering is complete. You do not even have to be physically present to water your law. Consider all of the savings you will enjoy with water-smart irrigation systems that use less water for your lawn care.

Who Likes Weeds?

No one likes weeds. They are nuisance. Water-smart irrigation systems are specifically designed for your precise landscaping. Just the areas that need water will get water which can potentially limit weed growth. An irrigation system is particularly efficient at directing water where it needs to go, specifically to the root of your plants instead of sprinkling over areas of your yard that do not need more water. This also prevents standing water that could collect in your yard, flowerbeds, or sidewalks.

Water Irrigation Improves Growth

When you want to improve growth, whether for natural turf conditions or plant growth, irrigation is the answer. Plants grow greener, stronger and faster when they receive smaller amounts of water over a long period of time. This is why an irrigation system is perfect, since they have been designed to significantly improve plant growth. Just set your water-smart irrigation system and let it take care of the rest.

Keep Your Soil Healthy

Part of having a fabulous looking lawn is being able to preserve soil nutrients. Excess water cause runoffs and carries much-needed, precious nutrients away from your lawn and plants. The use of hoses compacts soil which in turn leads to root disease and plant suffocation. The answer is to use an irrigation system that can and does preserve soil structure to keep plants adequately absorbing nutrients and not runoff water.

Water-Smart Irrigation Is a Keen Green Idea

Stop using an automatic sprinkler. Technology has afforded the use of water-smart irrigation that keeps lawns well-maintained and beautiful without wasting water. Smart irrigation systems are convenient, save time, water and money as well as the environment. Have you already considered upgrading your current system for irrigation? New components have been added that make monitoring your lawn easy when it comes to adjusting watering schedules throughout the year. Discover the new generation of irrigation systems that are easy to use and a smart advantage when it comes to keeping your lawn perfectly green.

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