February 23, 2020

Have Your Lost Your Keys? Contact a Residential Locksmith

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How many minutes do you spend every day looking for your house or car keys? Other items, such as your cell phone charger? Your wallet or favorite purse?

On a daily basis, It’s been found that we tend to spend ten minutes or more looking for misplaced or lost items. If these items are urgently needed, such as our wallets or car and house keys, then we may spend even more time searching for them. We need these items, after all, and may not be able to leave the house without them.

What are the most common things we lose? Car keys are in third place, according to a recent survey. House keys are in second place. When these items are lost, it’s good to know that there are residential locksmiths available to make new keys–including a spare set or two.

Where to Hide Your Spare House Keys

After a residential locksmith makes you a new set of house keys, you’ll want to find a good–and safe–location to hide your spare set. One place that’s been recommended is approximately 20 feet away from your front or back door.

It’s important to hide the keys in a place that doesn’t seem obvious and is inconvenient to access. Furthermore, you also want to make sure no one sees you hiding the keys, unless, of course, it is a family member, roommate, or other trusted individual.

Since you also want to change your hiding place on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to make note of where you do so. Be sure, though, that this information isn’t easy-to-access for anyone but you and other trusted individuals in your life. You may even want to create a special coded message. In this way, you are doing your best to be safety conscious.

A Brief Overview of Burglaries in the United States

There are about four burglaries every minute in the United States, which is higher than in other countries. This means that there is a burglary every 15 seconds, and a larceny-theft every 5.1 seconds.

While approximately 60% of burglaries are forced-entry, 30% are due to opportunity. Basically, this means that burglars were able to enter a home because a door or window was left unlocked.

In general, burglaries are difficult to solve. Approximately 13%, on average, are solved by police. In most cases, the unfortunate fact is that a victim’s property is rarely recovered.

The FBI states that burglaries, on average, constitute a property loss of $2,185 in the United States. When other costs are considered, such as criminal justice expenditures, this cost rises to $20,000 for every average home invasion.

Improve Your Overall Security

Since you want to feel secure when you and your family are at home as well as away from home, you may want to consider having additional security measures in place. Speak to your residential locksmith regarding their recommendations. You may want to have high security locks installed as well as an intercom or other security measures such as cameras.

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